Guitar Lessons – Lead Guitar Solo Lessons – Jazzy licks for Rock and Blues

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  1. GuNR420 says:

    Marty, in less than two years you have helped me get to a point where I can hang with guitarists…….wait….I don’t know any person else that plays guitar (or anything else for that matter). Ah hell, thanks for teaching me anyway. Maybe one day I can get into a band :(

  2. iMPRE7ed says:

    08:44, I swear, the fractals on his T-shirt are tender! Or am I stoned?

  3. AijjGuj says:

    @drellim10 half of the people watching online guitar videos dont know clarification…

  4. TheArcticMonkeyz says:

    thanks =]

  5. SuperPancakeNinja says:

    @TheArcticMonkeyz I LOVE YOUR USERNAME

  6. drellim10 says:

    Talk clarification. Stop cheating everyone by not telling them the clarification. The frets and strings thing is getting ancient…..

  7. Fsn9HD says:

    @MrNeilpeartfan The small variations are surrounded by the minor pentatonic scale, of D and A.
    That sliding thing its only a small lick that lowers the note by a semitone and imediatelly becomes natural again. Its only a cool small jazzy thing that you can place on your soloing stuff.
    Answering:Those are the Minor Pentatonic Scales.

  8. tyzer32 says:

    that look on your guys’ faces, I want that feeling, I want to learn to play like that!

  9. TheGuitarMonsu says:

    Stratocaster =)

  10. limpalimpa says:

    00:21 left dude shirt colour changes

  11. lmbfr01 says:

    this is like a massage for my ears

  12. kb7010 says:

    Marty you could also “vibration” the clarification…ALA: Randy Rhoads and have yet another effet.. works fantastic try it..!!!!! delight in and thanks for the tip on the Line 6 amp..!!!!!!

  13. tadasrudnickas1986 says:

    @shutzengel1 What scales have you practiced then? :)

  14. jamestakeshi says:

    How can I play like that??? Did you guys have any proper education for playing the guitar? 

  15. shutzengel1 says:

    I would like to learn how to jam but don’t know where to start> People tell me to practice scales which I have done but don’t know how to use them for jamming. How can I go forward?

  16. MrNeilpeartfan says:

    What scales are those?

  17. MrNeilpeartfan says:

    This is very helpful for me and I dont even use it as instruction just like hearing the thoughts because I have been playing standard blues solos over and over because it was my first solo style I got creative with but now I can’t ever reckon of anything but that. So thanks

  18. Lutherro says:

    tommorow I gotta check out that rhythm try out (4:22) Awesome playing guys, awesome mood! Marty why don’t you write song based on what you’ve showed us in this lesson?

  19. pipsqueek14 says:

    @drazenortiz yup 

  20. rebreezy1 says:

    Your fuckin AWESOME!!!! And an inspiration!!!

  21. Platano0587 says:

    So are there scales you use for each chord or a specific one? Is it you’re just playing chord tones? I’m talking about as far as soloing goes

  22. drazenortiz says:

    Did anyone else notice the other guy’s shirt changes affect? lol

  23. strabbs1 says:

    this is the shit that ll get ya the gig every time gino!! i played drums semi pro for 12 years before culture the guitar and i had many teachers, i was very luckty to have a guy who showed me devices and concepts, now i got marty to do the same on guitar, we are blessed people!!

  24. strabbs1 says:

    this is the shit that ll get ya the gig every time gino!!

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