GUITAR THEORY: Mastering Your Scales & Modes Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a listeners question… Q: I want to know how to improvise more melodically over a chord progression in any key; being aware of the scales and mode positions for the shapes by the side of the length of the neck that one can use to solo over a specific chord. And, how to pick out the chord tones and strong clarification – ie resolving a lick/riff to the root and including the chord clarification, etc… Also, some information on practicing the scales/modes around chord progressions would also be ideal. – Ashley Smith — England A: There is no doubt that Practicing scales and modes is certainly vital for developing a strong ability to solo melodically. But, there are many players like you that are finding difficulty with developing this skill. The key to tapping your full potential in this department will have to be the mastery of several concepts… 1). Practicing scales with a goal in mind of stretching your skills with them. In other words, by no means get wedged into a rut of constantly practicing scales day-in / day-out in the exact same way. 2). Culture other players; lines, guitar licks and phrasing styles. So, what I’m saying is, find a handful of guitar players that you really dig and learn at smallest amount an album’s worth of their rhythm and lead lines. Yes, you heard me correctly — I said Rhythm & Lead. 3). Practice composing melodies when you practice improvisation. It is simply not enough to sit around effective on


  1. LuciusEsox1 says:

    Some very very excellent stuff there. I am a relative newcomer to the planet of guitar playing but you can tell this bloke has been there seen it done it,, damn he really does have the t shirt as well. Just the knowledge in this vid is enough to keep me going for,,, man !!!

  2. babaikole says:

    incredible sir ur just fantastic teacher and human.thanks 4 this vital scince/…..

  3. TheMusiciansCorner says:

    Wow fantastic instructions. For those not quite at this level yet, we’ve got a couple videos for beginners up on our channel.

  4. myeveningpost says:

    excellent information!

  5. fightman121 says:

    What a truly fantastic teacher you are. I have a teacher and he is incredible but both of you together have brought my playing by the side of to a level that has surprised me.

    Again I just want to say a huge thankyou to you, fantastic lessons.

    I have also listened to your album and i will be buying it, fantastic playing man. thx

  6. zaixhadouken says:

    i like you. thanks so much

  7. dontbelikejake says:

    Dude this is excalty what I been lokking for!! Thank you!1!!!

  8. lionheart19847 says:

    Dude you are such a huge help. Thank You! A thousand, and a thousand more times. Your Awesome.

  9. truleejammin says:

    The only way to make anything simple is through lots of hard work. Practice,practice and more practice.

  10. maihazah says:

    Very constructive information on scaling and modes. Simple to catchup and know. congrats.

  11. DGN615 says:

    Yeah I really like this guy! Im glad I found him and that he make these videos!

  12. miserylvzcompany says:

    Like these videos Andrew! they’re really insightful!

  13. 03GuitarPlayer11 says:

    thank you so much.

  14. burnieharcos says:

    fantastic piece, greetings from hungary

  15. metachozoite says:

    do you have anything o how to construct shords and what chords FIT each mode? I knwo my moeds…its just im having distress with my meledies because im unsure of what chords fit over them

  16. ChrisVGuitarist says:

    The Diatonic 3rds scales are awesome. such sweet clarification.

  17. BillEvans1956 says:

    Always well worthwhile re-watching these lessons. Always learn something new. Thanks!

  18. MrHybrid2012 says:

    Fantastic very excellent lesson.

  19. FumingPoliticalPunk says:

    @TheDjentBoy So the mode is going to start on C sharp? There is no major fifth for the root position or the mode position. E flat wouldn’t even be a scale tone. Unless I don’t know what you mean.

  20. Kamikazekris100 says:

    Thanks a lot. You’re are very brilliant. I hope to gain as much knowledge as you have in my life time

  21. TheDisturbed11 says:

    Right now I’m culture basic guitar scheme, modes, relative minors, chord structures, lead patterns, many scales, etc. but don’t see where it fits in to culture songs yet. Is guitar scheme really worth the time?

  22. ismfofftw says:

    Im in the exact same scenario lol.

  23. TheXtremerocker says:

    lastima que este en ingles y no entiendo ni un carajo XD
    pero lo poco que entiendo es muy bueno

  24. ATtTheGates says:

    Best Guitar teacher ever! I’m speechless, I’m gonna hit the fuckin scheme books right now! well maybe not right now it’s like two in the morn n i’m tired. But definately tommorow, YEAH!

  25. robcromusic says:

    you are the person that makes the well-known people you talk about well-known. thanks for such a excellent take on practicing

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