HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY E-card Video Free BOLERO Beach Romantic 10+ Valentine Song / LOVE U Ecards HD

www.wavesdvd.com – Pleased Valentines Day song from your Valentine! E-card Video Bolero Beach Sunset 10+ Valentine I Like You Ravel Music 2011 romantic song “linkin park” “linking park” Bo Derik Free like u ecards HD “Pleased Valentines Day! from your Valentine.” Apply the joy and passion! Send to family and Friends – Bolero Beach Sunset 10+ • MUSIC “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel in the movie TEN. • VIDEO: “Caribbean Daydreams (side 2)” of “Florida Beaches (side 1)” of 2 sided DVD nature sounds only by Greg Voevodsky. • FORMAT: HD 720p with all natural Dolby 2.0 Stereo SOUND recorded ‘live’ on location. • LOCATION: Devils Bay, Virgin Gorda – British Virgin Islands • NEW! – E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS – SUBSCRIBE (or Re-Subscribe again) and CHOOSE to receive an E-MAIL NOTIFICATION every time we upload a new video so you won’t miss a thing! • RECEIVE new “beach breaks” every Monday and/or Thursday. BOOKMARK our 2 channels: our main channel “WavesDVDcom” – : ‪www.youtube.com and our music video channel: “HDnatureTV” – ‪www.youtube.com JOIN US ON: FACEBOOK: apps.facebook.com TWITTER: twitter.com YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com WEBSITE: www.wavesdvd.com Delight in the Best Beaches with ocean waves nature sounds from Hawaii, California, Florida, and the Caribbean from our Best Selling – Award Winning – “WAVES Virtual Vacation” DVDs and Blu-ray in HD. These relaxing videos are the perfect gift for stress relief, relaxation meditation & beach lovers. Relaxation music tracks are now optional on our bonus
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. joseyetran says:

    I like this video thanks.

  2. Madisson345 says:

    which song is that? Pls answere

  3. romygirl60 says:

    The music is the best at this video…..Looool Thanks a lot:

  4. adamknight88 says:

    Hard To Breathe

    Feels like floatin’

    So full of like

    My Hearts explodin’

    Backtalk is dry, Hands are shakin’

    My Heart is yours for the taking

    Performing arts weird, not myself

    Dacing around, like the Keebler elf

    Finally time, for this poor shlob

    To know how it feels, to fall in like”

  5. merrieminchewchd says:

    Be ready for holidays man  gettop5.info

  6. TheAelfymade says:

    Fantastic ! Thank you so much for my pet classical music : Bolero by Ravel !
    Thumbs up !

  7. 718ufo says:

    Check out the new original valentines day track

  8. poopybooyah says:

    same goes to you, pleased valentines day

  9. LakeRafiD says:

    Splendid and quite epic indeed.

  10. enchantresss1 says:

    I Like the movie 10 and Bo Derek who is blond like me and I like romantic music !

  11. wavesdvdcom says:

    @Raine419 – “Bolero” by Ravel. It’s in a well-known ‘like making’ scene in the Movie 10 with Bo Derek and Dudley Moore in 1979. Their slow motion run towards each other on the beach is parodied at the Academy Awards and became a standard Baywatch shot. Google or youtube search Ten movie.

  12. Raine419 says:

    This was fantastic! What’s the name of the song?

  13. Raycheetah says:

    Now all we need is Bo Derek. =^[.]~=

  14. ladykora1 says:

    Wunderschön!!!….Alles gute zum Valendienstag!…)))

  15. wavesdvdcom says:

    GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Our HONORS after 12 hour (keep voting):

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  16. dbsk06 says:

    lol this song/

  17. BuschTukkerMan says:

    Awesome video , like it!
    Pleased sunday!

  18. Powershotknecht says:


  19. Jhontuch says:

    Wow, it’s a wonderful works. Very excellent natural sounds and the symphony! Thanks!

  20. 18RuankaewRp says:

    Like & Peace && Very romantic *(^_-)
    It’s so gorgeous, I like it ♥
    Pleased Valentine’s Day, Wavesdvdcom^_^;)
    It’s very nice of you that always bring the beauty of earth,
    And share to all of us, Thank you much.

  21. RogueNewsReports says:

    @katialel – I agree. RU single? Pleased V-day from the USA.

  22. katialel says:

    Thank you. :)
    Fantastic video.! Incredible music!
    Pleased Valentines Day! Greetings from Poland

  23. punkedya says:

    @HDnatureTV – what no boyfriends?! too?!

  24. punkedya says:

    Oh, I’m in the mood for like. 3 mins,force be to long or too small. It depends on the wine.

  25. HDnatureTV says:

    I like it! I just sent it to all my girlfriends…
    opps – Only one girlfriend. ;-)

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