Hendrix Style Rhythm Guitar #2of2 (Guitar Lesson RH-011) How to play

This lesson covers the Jimi Hendrix tricks for the E Shape barré chords, one of the most copied rhythm styles of all time, and sounds cool. Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with your lesson or song look up the number at the start of the video title (like ST-123 or whatever) on the Lesson Index page. www.justinguitar.com .
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  1. richsabre says:

    perfect model of this technique is life without you srv

  2. heavyNblue says:

    Pure Excellence Brother. Thank you!

  3. MrStoryoftheyear says:

    Lol Tasmanian devil at the end

  4. Capnbloo says:

    2:00 kind of sounds like Small Wing. LOVE YOU JUSTIN! AMAZING LESSON!

  5. ujbnvf says:

    Fantastic lesson, mate! Always looked for something like this :) 

  6. kennylufc says:

    Fantastic lesson, I was playing around with thumb over chord technique, as per video, with fiddle with 3 taking strings 4&5, eventually got it after a couple of hours struggling with it, then it occurred to me I could do that on a standard e shaped barre chord, using your technique to take 5 and 4 with one fiddle with work seems to with standard barre and still free up fiddle with 4, ie a 3 fiddle with E shape barre, 1 for barre 2 for shape. Are there any advantages of thumb over. Any view ??

  7. ZeppelinFloydRoses says:

    I study music at University and I cop a lot of shit because I use my thumb. But I do it anyway. Because you can 1:48

  8. pumukellll says:

    hey i have a question in scheme: why can i play the A D C G and i doesnt sound weird? which key is this, i always thought there must be 3 major and 4 minor chords oO help`?

  9. espensl says:

    How on earth do you guys get the thin E string clean with this grip? I can’t seem to get it clean, and the grip also very straining on the hand, any tips on how to achieve this with a “looser” grip?

  10. wesiscool123 says:

    @click5rox12 absolutely, you’ll have to press down harder though so it will seem alot harder, but practice makes perfect!

  11. click5rox12 says:

    @wesiscool123 thanks:) hopefully ill get it soon:) can u do it on an acoustic guitar aswell or not?

  12. wesiscool123 says:

    @click5rox12 about a week, get your hand in a comfortable position and use the side of your thumb on the E string just practice practice practice and you should be able to get it right while feeling comfy not being strained

  13. click5rox12 says:

    @wesiscool123 how long did it take you?

  14. wesiscool123 says:

    @click5rox12 press a bit harder, takes a while to get used to

  15. TheGuv68 says:



  16. guitarplayer1994 says:

    @click5rox12 Try to get a note by just using the thumb, the rest can wait.

  17. click5rox12 says:

    when i place my thumb over i mute the first e string! what should i do?

  18. Strangah says:

    What are the best effects to get a Hendrix sound with a stratocaster ?How bout Octavio effect ?

  19. dirosaga says:

    Nice hey joe progression . . .hehehe

  20. dirosaga says:

    @7000bass Damn hippies. XD

  21. dirosaga says:

    HERE I FUKEN AM, tender with progress with small wing, thinkang ahhh it snot THAT HARD… of course,,,,, now i gotta relarn a different fucking way to play bar chords b4 i can go on. THANKS JIMMYY!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  22. SockHerNut says:

    Dude thank you, this rocks my socks off and ive been playing for a small over a year, free lessons you are truly awesome, thanks

  23. MixiFighter says:

    Finally a advertisement I can delight in :D

  24. Pfsif says:

    I wish I had a instructor like you!

  25. spidrmage says:

    @jerakje neck, or the position right after usually.

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