How to play Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas on Guitar

Learn how to play Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas on the guitar with this FREE online video lesson by Joe Wiles. To learn the rest of this song go to


  1. Sub2Me4Sora says:

    @emailman0909 so do i

  2. GuitarSoloMania says:

    Cool channel man. I also did a video lesson on the solo to Carry on Wayward son. Check out my channel. I like the acoustic chorus thing you did.

  3. ElBandido54 says:

    Ah.. slow down

  4. bponce777 says:



  5. esquillofly says:


  6. 12444bailey says:


  7. MrZack12348 says:

    5 people don’t like this song
    i like this song personally how about you guys?

  8. MrAdamguitarman says:

    like that les paul, anyone know the exact model?

  9. vinceTstrick998 says:

    @paintballz4ever gibson

  10. paintballz4ever says:

    that guitar sounds and looks incredible. i see it’s a les paul but what model?

  11. dkwan9 says:

    the name of the song is really ‘carry on wayward son,’ not ‘carry on my wayward son’

  12. SonicShadow94 says:

    @emailman0909 request it!

  13. GumpyFuck says:

    @o0HeafyMetal0o am i the only person who gets this?

  14. twist1098 says:

    @emailman0909 u can request it on his web site

  15. o0HeafyMetal0o says:

    simpler than i thought. i can play this just as well as randy marsh now

  16. EverythingGuy100 says:

    Like your Les Paul. I have one myself, it’s a original 1960 gold top Gibson Les Paul.

  17. DisappearingBoy2010 says:

    Yeah, nice try, but he’s getting it incorrect. And this is nice and all, but anyone can map out the beginning riff. What about the bridge parts and end song? I like how these beginning guitar players are tiresome to give tutorials.

  18. bcrichguitar1st says:

    @dbamaster10011 right but its not necessary or reeaaaally needed but i just prefer the clean cut no slidy sound:)

  19. nergalk says:

    whoa, cherry axe small Bart dude.

  20. grupoernestceta says:

    He got it incorrect, it’s not twice on the 12th fret of D and G both times, the second time it’s 14 to 12, not 12 12

  21. theDAMNEDproductions says:

    how to play any song dot com how imaginative

  22. dbamaster10011 says:

    @bcrichguitar1st Right but then you can’t do the slide from 12th fret

  23. fallendarkstar62g says:


    I see what ya mean =P

  24. Xvalkorex says:

    dude thanks alot always wanted to learn this rift

  25. zhulia says:

    0.55 seconds until he starts teaching…

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