How to Play “Drops of Jupiter” by Train on Guitar

Over 110k downloads! The video and step-by-step instructions on how to play the second lead on “Drops of Jupiter” by Teach on the Guitar. Each guitar player and new guitar student develops their own personal style and form as they learn to play over time. Developing…


  1. GM7799 says:

    buen trabajo… te felicito, sigue asi

  2. WillBritish says:

    thanks for the help! you do so well at teaching me how to play my favourite songs on guitar!

  3. supermac18rocks12 says:

    @midsummerstorm23 alveraz

  4. midsummerstorm23 says:

    Your guitar is so sweet, what type is it?

  5. CxBrad says:

    rick nash! is that you?

  6. TheMusiclove28 says:

    i really like his voice.. :)

  7. Rik5251 says:

    Thanks! Learned in 30 minutes. :D

  8. hayleeho says:

    I really like this guy. I just wanna kick it with him

  9. Zain2040 says:

    what was that last song being played in the outro?

  10. nicole22rox says:

    fantastic job, really helpful :) 

  11. murphypoe says:

    @crazymuslim1234 awwwwh

  12. Katosepe says:

    Thanks so much! I was tiresome to map out their variations on the chords and couldn’t get it. Your video was immensely helpful, thanks!

  13. ajdinajda says:

    are u retardet so u need struming pater, u can see it or map out on ur own


    did you sail across the D XD ^.^

  15. LikeAQueen89 says:

    @VincentLarisch Don’t stop believin by Journey

  16. doubleraiinbows says:


  17. doubleraiinbows says:

    @peeano57 how do i switch from c to g chord quickly??

  18. doubleraiinbows says:

    @a94blondie how do i switch from c to g chord quickly??

  19. doubleraiinbows says:

    how do i switch from c to g chord quickly??

  20. JasonBornTV says:

    @crazymuslim1234 Haha too right man

  21. xicao1500 says:

    @VincentLarisch don’t stop believing

  22. peeano57 says:

    down (up miss) down up up down (up miss) down

  23. VincentLarisch says:

    Whats the song by 5:27 ?

  24. ykarmi says:

    I reckon the video is fantastic but I have the toughest time culture that strumming try out. If you could slow down to show that strumming try out step-by-step rather than simply counting for your next videos that would be highly appreciated. I was looking for something by the side of the lines of “up-down-down-up… etc…” Thanks!

  25. crazymuslim1234 says:

    like if ur watching this to play it for a girl

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