How to Play Dubstep Guitar – For more music production-y videos + tutorials. Just a quick video explaining the basics of square Dubstep Guitar playing.
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  1. xXSkolebollaXx says:

    before tuning your guitar, cut your hair.

  2. Yourbeautiful666 says:


  3. fordnz87 says:

    respect matey, ur a amusing bastard!

  4. yuvalandspeed says:

    how ’bout a haircut?

  5. KoltPlays says:

    3:02 so this is how EA made the Battlefield 3 intro ! Just to remenber /watch?v=MLGnf0XzGXY

  6. sideslick1024 says:

    LIAR! That’s not phasing! That’s tremolo!!!

  7. megamanxu says:

    lmaao if anything i reckon switching to the upper pickup would make a more bassy sound haha

  8. berserk2012xxx says:


  9. justinbieber14380 says:

    @mbaptiste8917 its fake u stupid idiot…

  10. hiphoprebellion says:

    Seriously, how does he keep a straight face doing this?! What a natural actor! If it was me, I’d be ROFL.

  11. TheNuclearSamuri says:

    i need one

  12. MALSIV says:


  13. saintsFlow says:

    i clicked on this cuz i thought hes a girl 0)

  14. AKSzo says:

    LOL 1:19 the SKr111ex guitar

  15. AKSzo says:

    hes like the offspring of Bassnectar and Skrillex

  16. OlBigNasty says:

    @mbaptiste8917 I reckon its either the amp or its build into the wires, oh yea and I dont know anything about guitars or amps so dont take note to me

  17. amydrewingle says:

    Your Hair

  18. morbidscumsatan says:

    first you lock to gaymetall and wat you talck is all bullshit

  19. jarskiXD says:

    @DubstepFreakk You just got trolled.

  20. louisuniverse says:


  21. daCorasla says:

    haha. fun video

  22. Tibish1337 says:

    Seriously guys, you really judge that he makes the dubstep sound with the guitar? Ofc thats aftereffects added to the video.
    Although its a cool video, thumbs up mate ;)

    For model, when he tune the acustic one (not to bring up that there isnt any sound when he hits the string, just the synth) there isnt any string attached to the tuning-nob.

  23. BRA1NSP1LL3R1 says:

    thumbs up up if you reckon its sounds like ginger pubes XD

  24. DubstepFreakk says:

    @mbaptiste8917 Your fucking stupid kid

  25. VoztokTV says:

    I clicked this video because I thought it was a woman playing a guitar :/

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