How to Play “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift on Guitar

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Guitar Chords Used in the Song “Enchanted” uses a capo on the first fret instandard tuning and the following guitar chords: How to Play a G Chord How to Play a C Chord How to Play a Bm Chord How to Play a Em ChordHow to Play a D ChordHow to Play a Dsus4 Chord How to Play a Cadd9 Chord Form of the Song “Enchanted” hails from Taylor Swift off of her monumental 2010 album release, Speak Now. The song plays it off as a slow song but build towards a strong ending with full band accompaniment and belting vocals. The song, like her others, use simple structure and chords, but the crafting of the songs is unique.Speak Now broke several records, including the shattering of the records made by her previous album, Courageous. Swift’s music has grown greatly in maturity and in demand from fans. Notice the song does not use very many chords, but there are a few more foreign chords, including Dsus4 and Cadd9, in the song. These are not hard chords to play, but only slightly different than their basic chords, D and C. The bridge uses Swift’s recurring small clarification to break the song up a bit. “Enchanted” uses the following song form: * Intro * Verse 1 * Pre-chorus * Verse 2 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Verse 3 * Pre-chorus * Chorus (with extended chorus) * Solo * Bridge * Chorus (with extended chorus) * Outro Read more by visiting our page at:
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Shannon1DJB says:

    whats the strumming try out for the chorus and solo?

  2. Light Rain says:

    ahah :D

  3. madisonnnn16 says:

    What’s the strum try out for the chorus?

  4. SaraRabie97 says:

    Haha, Yeah, you’re kinda right. didn’t notice that! lol.

  5. Light Rain says:

    and you question that on a Taylor Swift’s song ?! Omg thanks got it wasn’t “Dear John” ! ;D

  6. DaRachster says:

    You gotta palm mute :P

  7. Maria Ruiz says:

    Can you please help m with Nobody’s Home- Avril Lavigne! Thanks

  8. syifa henderson says:

    Everyone know Who is Jen Trani :)

  9. syifa henderson says:

    i am soo in like with that guitar!! #.#

  10. Karaoke4159 says:

    doubtless but it is orginally played with a capo

  11. i3sha123 says:

    OMG! I’ve been practicing this song since I started playing guitar and I by no means thought it could be this simple… pleased much! :)

  12. Laura11418 says:

    Your guitar is gorgeous :)

  13. FannCasiAngeles says:

    okay but you don’t teach us how to make for model the intro. how can you do that?

  14. TheShannonMontana says:

    you can play it without a capo it will just be a bit lower. Or you can do barre chords.

  15. zero7eight says:

    is there a translation without capo ?

  16. LNAiLy028 says:

    sunday morning leave behind 5 – PLEASE? 

  17. asiablue100 says:

    Hi!!! I was kind of wondering if you could do sweet tea and gods grace by Taylor Swift, I’d be so thankful if you could XD

  18. MsBiebersbaby98 says:

    its an acoustic/electric

  19. glindadaae says:

    Its an electric :) she said in another video

  20. flavable says:

    You are so cute, Jen!

  21. flavable says:

    i spent half the video tiresome to wipe it off … then realised lol.

  22. morganlikesmusic says:

    i have a guitar cover of enchanted, its a bit different than this lesson but it could help some of you!

  23. Hopefull4Mahone says:

    is she using an electric guitar or base?

  24. rachel54698 says:

    thumbs up if you tried to wipe the cover when you saw that black smudge

  25. SwiftyLoveDees28 says:

    Please do Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars?

  26. jackjohnsonfreak21 says:

    he rakes it. he doesn’t play chords in that song. sorry?

  27. ryanhemme says:

    i knew to meany strum patterns ughhhhhh i can’t know anymore so this one just darn impracticable xD

  28. aramFRIKIdelLOL says:

    stop the vid at 0:32, he looks so fuckin high! haha

  29. seamaster8513 says:

    Thank you for your work:-)fantastic

  30. ZakIsMagic says:

    Hi Marty! could you teach “Constellations” by jack Johnson and “Muve on ” by Jet? thank you for your work! you’re fantastic!

  31. KyFlyHoney says:

    LOL AT 8:28 with the Violent Femmes yesss haha with the clapping too! GOSH DARN I LOVE YOU MARTYYYY =D

  32. angellinares90 says:

    its from beck

  33. xsickxnickx58 says:

    hey that last small lick at the end of the video was really cool and i was wonderin how u did that…………..please make another video on how to do that produce im not a excellent learner just from my ear……….thanks

  34. fotzenfleisch1996 says:


  35. ChannelKid says:


  36. nickyavila says:

    I really loved this video!!!  thanks!

  37. xAlwaysthesameshit says:

    you’re hot when you’re shaved c: 

  38. LoLitsPaigeRage says:

    Thats… Super simple? .-.

  39. TooCool4Words says:

    If anyone wants to learn how to play “Questions” by Jack Johnson on the ukulele, look at my channel. Thanks!!! :)

  40. teenwolfproductions says:

    scuba dee dot da da dee da 4:24

  41. rekki777 says:

    I have a question. When do you go to the 4th fret of the low E? You go from an A to a D to a G and then are you suppose to end the whole strummin sequence of DDD DU UD DD. So is it that last D stroke that you go to the low E? hope someone can help thanks

  42. commonrider5445 says:

    So I watched some videos of Jack Johnson and his back-up guitar guy playing this live. When he plays it live it is indeed 1 step up from the record so it become:

    A->G (barre)
    G-> F (barre)
    D-> C (with some strums on F too)
    E-> D

    The intro guitar lick starts on the D string at the 9th fret (on the record it starts on the 11th) and is played while he hits the other strings which are muted.

    Marty’s translation matches the recording of the song which is obvious when playing by the side of.

  43. 95tomn says:

    is it just standard tuning??

  44. Na3VO4 says:

    @sraleig I reckon a majority of us came here to learn a song and have fun playing it. Why does music have to be such a picky thing for people like you. Music is about chilling out and having fun not about playing every single exact note perfectly. Id even bet that Jack Johnson doesn’t give two shits about how people play he’s song, just as long as there having fun doing it.

  45. chalinjaitham says:


  46. 95tomn says:

    can you show us how to play the intro you played?

  47. brimister47 says:

    you’re a dick

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