How To Play Flower – Andy Mckee (Hana – Masaaki Kishibe orig) (guitar lesson / tutorial) Part 2

** Links to the tabs now available on my website ** ALL videos are 100% FREE and i promise not to try and sell you anything An accurate note by note tutorial with simple to follow deirections and zoomed close ups on each hand. I like to reckon even a beginner could learn this song using this tutorial. This is part 2 to skip to part 3 use the link below If you missed part 1 youll find it using the link below Dont forget to click the ‘like’ button if this helped you. your feedback is appreciated, remember this is 100% free and i do this as a leisure activity! You’ll find more simple to follow fantastic fingerpicking guitar lessons on my youtube channel. Susbcribe and your guitar playing skills instantly increase by 10% for updates checkout my twitter page

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  1. IamBakaSan says:


  2. G0liath1012 says:

    @IamBakaSan really a very excellent question, to which i have no answer…

  3. IamBakaSan says:

    question, how come in part 1 u did Capo on 3rd but for this one and ur next one u did the 2nd fret?

  4. IamBakaSan says:

    @cobycracker but its simpler to learn with visuals cuz tab doesnt describe what fingers to use and whats more comfortable

  5. 343jonny says:

    Hey man, just had one question. I see that on most videos that you play, you use all of your fingers to pluck the strings when fiddle with picking, but on “don’t reckon twice” you use your pinky fiddle with as a “stand” for picking. I play using this technique and just cannot get my right hand to play using my pinky for picking. It feels hard to maneuver. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can switch linking the two styles? Thanks, and like the vids! Very well thought out; you place alot of work into these!

  6. G0liath1012 says:

    @343jonny /watch?v=lMkSYQ3tr7g there. sorry forgot to update the description

  7. 343jonny says:

    Part 3 needed soon man!!!!!!! Fantastic tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to place this up! Much appreciated!

  8. cobycracker says:

    by the way this song is not that hard to play and theres like a million tabs made for this song

  9. ilmatteo95 says:

    It’s a gorgeous song, thank you for helping us!

  10. bitchdafly123 says:

    yeahhh !

  11. SamandDalesMixes says:

    Yes! :)  thanks man!

  12. scottvineyard7 says:

    1:25 Bitch you better learn this fuckin’ chord or yous a bitch. 1:27 right chord? Yee.

  13. MasterTusken says:

    Had my guitar for less than a week, and I feel like im making progress with this video. Thanks Marty

  14. BreakFerFun says:

    @hidd3nkillr45 lol…I thought that was from Marty for a sec…weird

  15. hidd3nkillr45 says:

    @BreakFerFun Ppl camped in your ass? :p lol

  16. ROLLTID3ROLL says:

    how do u do all of the picking it sounds perfect of course

  17. jeremyhardy59 says:

    Marty you are awesome!! Thanks!!

  18. TheRoironm says:

    nice work you are my best teacher. tanks

  19. emrons says:

    1:39 for all you haters.

  20. HaukeK14 says:

    Hey Marty like your videos. You are the best guitar teacher. Your videos are so simple to follow and a fantastic way to learn cool songs. Could you please do the intro to Far From Home by Five Fiddle with Death strike?

  21. BulletNoseProduction says:

    Playing Guitar > Studying for finals

  22. wrabit79 says:

    isn’t that the scorpions always somewhere…????

  23. xxArchangel47xx says:

    @b34styp1mp omfg dude really….

  24. rrn11 says:

    @GuruKynyrd hahaha…It’s vital to learn how to change linking chords before you can play ANY song. People make that mistake a lot…just jumping right in and wanting to play songs is not the best way.

  25. MrTakblues says:

    You are my teacher.

  26. pa2566 says:

    Yuou the best man keep up thanks a lot

  27. b34styp1mp says:

    My guitars a girl.. I picked her g-string:D

  28. Hungho760 says:

    5:00 *ka clunk* arrrrrggggg…………….alright now let me show you some picking patterns

  29. doverbey11 says:

    Marty u are such a cool guy for doing all of this for us I respect you man God Bless!

  30. neelRoshania says:

    dude, ur the man.

  31. GuruKynyrd says:

    Simple my ass

  32. kickurazzzz says:

    i cant judge how cool you are. i just signed up for your free lessons. you play all my pet songs and teach me for FREE! I dont deserve this kind of behavior. Thank you Marty!

  33. MrSilvertale says:

    like the shirt and song. 

  34. ChootEmClint says:

    alot of times if im playing my guitar, people will question me how i learned, and my dad says, he teaches himself, well my response to that is “no” marty schwartz teaches me very nearly everything i know. if there is a song that i want to learn, i always check to see if marty has done a tutorial on it. marty your my pet teacher because you really know how to teach.

  35. 5category5 says:

    hehe when ppl say whos ur guitar teacher? i say marty!!

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