How To Play Green Day – Hitchin’ A Ride guitar lesson tutorial

GUITAR TAB: FACEBOOK: For more Green Day guitar lessons click here Thanks again for watching my video how to play Hitchin’ A Ride by Green Day
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  1. TheMauror22 says:

    Chido, Muychisimas Gracias!!!

  2. TaliaBreeFang says:


  3. shatteredrain1 says:

    @B1gT22 Play everything 1 fret lower :)

  4. B1gT22 says:

    so how would i play this in standard?

  5. TheGutnun says:

    awesome lesson!  THANX!

  6. darkhero101010 says:

    @fastfingerfreddycom hey, at the beggining you said the song is in D# tunning but you are playing in standard… wich is right?

  7. KataluxTheOne says:

    if u use the 5th and 3rd strings for solo is better….fingers not so away

  8. Greenday1980s says:

    Thanks dude I learned the song surrounded by about a day xD that freaking solo

  9. TheGuitarSaber says:

    you use a pedal-distorcion?? please

    say me

  10. transfrmpnguinz says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd instant subscribe. This channel is awesome!!!

  11. darkember08 says:


  12. marco9437 says:

    Thank you!

  13. kiwicrash3 says:

    You’re awesome! Thanks for the help =D

  14. fastfingerfreddycom says:

    @tescoval lol – ive got lots more free videos at fastfingerfreddy. com – then you wont have to come on youtube LOL

  15. tescoval says:

    @imSkyDylan dw just me getting pissed of with youtube lol dw but excellent vid helped alot

  16. imSkyDylan says:

    @tescoval huh?

  17. tescoval says:

    i wish youtube would have bring this one up first and not a shit one i despise youtube

  18. johnnyguitar002 says:

    We already new how to play the instrument but ok video

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