How To Play Green Day – When I Come Around guitar lesson

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  1. Bruno409 says:


  2. volumizeit says:

    Could you do a lesson for Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen?

  3. HiCallMeShadow says:

    @dschick14 If I am right it’s tuned to E Flat so each string half step tuned down! :) The whole album was tuned half step down so it should sound like it.

  4. dstupisdillo says:

    can u plz make a video of east jesus nowhere?

  5. stevenpogi65 says:

    thaks a lot you are fantastic your the best :D

  6. snowbrder98 says:

    I like this song. I play guitar and these videos help when I need to learn a song quick. ;)

  7. Sundarsu says:

    @fastfingerfreddycom Even those of us who pick it up quick, appreciate being able to look up and look again while you’re still explaining. Thanks for taking the time to teach the planet.

  8. MattHazlettTV says:

    what kind of guitar do you have?

  9. dschick14 says:

    what is your guitar tuning please??? i got this pet peeve with my guitar sounding exactly the same as yours and it dosent lol

  10. geetadulani says:

    thanx man u rock!!!

  11. Jesse999ish says:

    what guitar?

  12. pimpcanesarenotfunny says:

    Hahaha Quick fiddle with Freddie is quite a dodgey name… I like it lol! Very nice tutorial, I find culture at home so much simpler then tutors. Keep it up mate ;D

  13. fastfingerfreddycom says:

    @Starbuckfsd hey there, thanks for the kind comments. I’m by no means sure what level my listeners are at so I just try to break everything down and take it nice and slow, so then hopefully the majority of people will find it useful. Thanks again, Freddy :-D

  14. Starbuckfsd says:

    M8 you’re doubtless the BEST tutorial/instructor video bloke on Youtube….You make culture so damn simple….

  15. Starbuckfsd says:

    @nuwaus Did you even watch the video? It says so right in the beginning before you even get to see him…tune your guitar a half step down…

  16. nuwaus says:

    What is the guitar tuning?

  17. schw1nghammer says:

    @iWreXx it doesnt have to be. just play all the clarification 1 fret lower instead.

  18. iWreXx says:

    @whyroader it’s half step down?

  19. whyroader says:

    its 1 step down in the album!

  20. Rockguitarhero462 says:

    @greendayfan492 most people usually learn songs simpler and f aster by playing by the side of with the record. i use the guitar’s vibrations to keep time.

  21. Rockguitarhero462 says:

    The studio translation of the song is played one step down with the same chords/clarification showed in the tab.

  22. greendayfan492 says:

    hey i am try to learn this place the intro is challenge me u have any tips to culture it nearer

  23. rattlehead981 says:

    Nice cover I really want an electric guitar to play some green day songs but I’m not allowed

  24. diebvonbagdad says:

    best green day lesson on youtube. :)  thx

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