How to play Grenade ✪ Bruno Mars – Guitar Chords Tutorial Pt.2 – Easy Acoustic Guitar Song Lessons

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Learn this simple to play guitar translation of the classic Otis Redding tune. Chords and strumming all clarified.Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of Have fun .
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  2. MovidaNapoletana says:

    I did it again ! Hahahahaha LMAO !!!!

  3. warriorboy65 says:

    ur kool! lolz amusing!

  4. Cassie032011 says:

    Oh my God, you are so nice…its a huge pleasure to watch you :-) Best desires from POLAND !!!

  5. LionRoseProductions says:


  6. MaFaiZerm says:

    same 21 guns ^^

  7. Doubl3Rainb0w says:

    SIR, you just earnd a new subscriber ! :) keep it up 

  8. 1999akki says:

    i dont know the strumming try out just some help please

  9. donhudas0603 says:

    sir can u make a try out video of this plzzz…so i can able to play it ..coz i still dont know how to paly it ..tnx

  10. loveb92 says:

    No Bruno Mars won’t EAT A GRENADE for the girl he likes :p haha

  11. Horzeb says:

    thanx dude,made it simple 4 me,peace

  12. MRYelaman1 says:

    Fantastic! Greetings from Kazakhstan :D 

  13. GypsiSilver1 says:

    LOL muddle headed wombat! amusing as!

  14. ThePetarJukic says:

    @selenasbestfrend521 hey dude get a book of chords or search the internet and find more suitable chords for you
    btw you can do it like this: in the first fret place a bare or whathever does it spell like and place your 3 fingers in the third fret on B,G and D strings
    the sound will be tha same

  15. caycaycaylien says:

    i like his voice!!

  16. SuperMsBratt says:

    even you make mistakes… it’s still a excellent tutorial :) ))

  17. selenasbestfrend521 says:

    Your teaching is awesome but i’m having distress with B Flat.I’m a begginer. It’s so hard.The rest i can do it’s just the B flat is really bugging me right now.But the Rest is awesome!

  18. krmeni1997 says:

    does someone know how can i play it in one string?

  19. wonderouswatchman says:

    Truly, best of the best…5 star

  20. jonjess says:

    but you wont do the same… or eat a grenade wtvr works lol

  21. DeathsizeReaper says:

    though u had flawed C for an F its amusing watching you ^_^ thanks a lot

  22. chaymo69pirate says:

    it would be helpful to place the words on the tabs

  23. Cynthia4324 says:

    i like you accent(: haha thanks.. i very nearly got it

  24. elskel666 says:

    I can tell that in the beginning , you’re holding down E string 4th fret as you’re doing Bb major .. Sounds nice though .

  25. curryKicker says:

    @lolothunder26 buy one and practise watching clips. its alot of fun

  26. 42Redbear says:

    Justin: Another fantastic lesson! Many thanks.

    PS: Please ignore the dorkheads … The planet is full of jerks and I sometimes reckon half of them are regulars on YouTube.

  27. MKisinthebuilding says:

    I have a question… Which part do I play when he does the whistley bit at the end? Verse, Chorus or Bridge???

  28. upmybumful says:

    Justin ur doin a fantastic job man , really kewl mate , so thanx & the tassie devil rocks mate , u do the aussie’s proud , pity more guys teachin guitar havent got the same attitude , you take excellent care mate

  29. s3c0ndsk1n says:

    @adelle104 I’m guessing the Tasmanian Devil at the end is a clue :)

  30. adelle104 says:

    like this vid. it’s fun and simple to play with…not that i was paying attention to your accent…lol…but are you from the UK and where abouts cos at some points you sound so australian (i’m australian by the way) but at others indisputely british? anyway thanks for the upload, fantastic vid.

  31. musicmatty67 says:

    Superb..brilliant lesson as usual. Were just getting ready to start this tune in our oldies this will surley cheat me by the side of to save some time effective this out. Thanks again!

  32. ncriverpirate says:

    woah.. thought your guitar only had 3 strings at first.. you can only see 3 of the tuning nobs..

  33. doodman73 says:

    ok do you know the lead guitar translation like the treasure jam translation if you’ve heard it, is a bit more complicated but your vid is helpful.

  34. faynar1 says:


    You by no means fail to place a smile on my face. You make me pleased. Thank you.



  36. TheMikaela1992 says:

    @zu3tu7 what a dick

  37. mgfdh says:

    Hi Justin, you have a sweet sweet voice and such a sweet backtalk.

  38. Superrob11 says:

    lol @ “huge barre chord f”; on the other hand absolutely fantastic lesson (as always!). You truely have a talent as both a musician and teacher (which don’t always go hand in hand)!

  39. Lastaccountgothacked says:

    LOL Just rinsed his opposition.

  40. junfan105 says:

    Hi there Justin, Mike Surman just saying ciao!
    Excellent to see you showing us how its done!
    Speak soon and Thumbs up!

  41. TijmenDeGroot1 says:

    @zu3tu7 fucker

  42. TijmenDeGroot1 says:

    @zu3tu7 fucker

  43. welshslash says:

    @JustinSandercoeSongs ..Hahaha …You go Justin !! Theres sum highly strung bastards around .

  44. msmusicmaker says:

    This is awesome! Thanks alot!

  45. KrishValiente says:

    @Zirboman Practice barre chords, it takes time I was stumped to what to do too, but it took me like a week tiresome to play songs with the chord in, like Livin’ on a Prayer :)

  46. Zirboman says:

    I can’t B7 what people tell me to do…

  47. Bigal820 says:

    Uh yeah, thanks for electing a really worthless piece of dung, Im so pleased with my new found hope and change I cant hardly control myself. Moron

  48. Kenteladen says:

    thank you mate:D Just started to learn the chords though:P any practice is excellent practice, right?:)

  49. theamazingsupergirl says:

    awesome, as usual!

  50. flesheaternl says:

    But do you have any kind of text, where the chords are standing higher than??
    Justin you changing the planet so keep on teaching:)

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