How to Play Guitar in 5 Minutes – Easy C and G7 Chords

Herbert Midgley, the Internet Legend, teaches you how to play “He’s Got the Whole Planet in His Hands”, “Mary Had a Small Lamb” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” using only one fiddle with guitar chords.

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  1. hwymadness850 says:

    You make culture simple, Thank You!

  2. Tannyyaaable says:

    thanks 1st song i lernt :)

  3. hectecolo0ogick says:

    so im guessing im not the only one who noticed the cape huh?

  4. ZzRemorse says:

    the g string xD

  5. DHooMzBuR7L says:

    @remo2012 Thanks man so much. I really want to learn how to play guitar so terrible. And i’m going to buy a guitar as soon as i have money for it. U r an awesome teacher. I hope i can find more videos like this that teach simple ways to play guitar for beginners like me. Thanks so much.

  6. airzmufc says:

    a small bit nonsey

  7. low72 says:

    @KLUNKET Hey excellent news everybody, Wharf, from star trek is coming

  8. erectionaffection says:

    that mary’s a pervert marily marily manson ha ha

  9. erectionaffection says:

    this guys like capt kirk he’s got whole planet in his hands or he’s got whole supermarkets in his hand’s its weird but reckon about it kid’s lol

  10. clanofgiants says:

    this dude actualy teach somthing below standable so dont make fun of him

  11. SirNoMercyMeesuM says:

    lol At His Costume buahah!

  12. posture18 says:

    Thanks so much, you have the understanding of how to teach a very beginner, in a clear and simple method.

  13. sseagle100 says:

    @KLUNKET is he wearing a cape??

  14. deathrosesoffical says:


  15. tripppppietv says:

    Lol yaaay (: So pleased. I played a song. Haha

  16. eviljester says:

    Beam me up Scotty!

  17. yaacovben says:

    when did hippys use the internet???

  18. testarossafate says:

    Mr Spock teaches you how to play a guitar. Awesome

  19. yougotit91 says:

    wow that was not the right chords all he was doing was using 1 fiddle with

  20. GMSamuelRhine says:

    @KLUNKET dumass dont you know Kirk plays guitar? :P XDDD

  21. cjdMobile66 says:

    your a trekie right lol 

  22. alexQUEcabron says:

    jajajajaja lololololol to amusing…. may the force B with you!

  23. Kriticar99 says:

    Stupid americans!

  24. gunkapoor says:

    thank you, you rock

  25. gunkapoor says:

    lol! haha. id idn’t notice till you pointed it out. hahaha lol i tell youthough, but he’s an awesome teacher .

  26. chrisastro8 says:

    @MrTrolol98 You have to right click

  27. mango2197 says:

    Helped alot :) goo for theme parks

  28. MrTrolol98 says:

    @WtfMinecraft Why can’t I get into my minecart?

  29. CRAZYBUZZZER says:

    @Hannesaronsson xD lol

  30. MrRatermat says:

    hard to maneuver moment when top comments are the same

  31. weezeridol2 says:


  32. NerferDrew97 says:

    Thanks. Helped alot.

  33. GenEticFeaRz says:

    it worked

  34. GenEticFeaRz says:

    2:28 FLYING MODE xD

  35. hibipon11 says:

    Free  diamond lol xd

  36. ThatAwesomeCat says:

    hard to maneuver moment when top comments are the same

  37. Brendankim783 says:

    @jayjjord south-west rule?that force be the problem

  38. Kirkee2010 says:

    /watch?v=V6AjZkGmeAg check this out its my new track dont click it if you dont like people advertising on other videos.

  39. normsnutty says:

    it works

  40. ano514 says:

    nice :D simple simple and not an pain in the ass

  41. ILIKEICECREAM1234 says:

    5:00 “And see ya there!” Well….see me where?!

  42. TehFoo1 says:

    @jayjjord check your redstone wiring very carefully, at first it didnt work for me untill i altered the position of 1 redstone wire

  43. yak00zy says:

    dude whenever I am tiresome to do this, it all does the opposite, like the circuit is closed and it opens only when I press the button which basically fucks this all up :/

  44. pocketvince says:


  45. jayjjord says:

    i tried everything that he did and it completly failed its a dislike from me

  46. 111222333Marko says:

    WTF!?! thats what she said!

  47. BlackFiredDragon says:

    @2011JackG Oh thank god!

  48. 1226kennai says:


  49. ThatAwesomeCat says:

    really helpful. Thanks! :D

  50. zeldafan1234100 says:

    fuck yay

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