How to Play HALO ( VIDEO GAME ) Theme on Guitar WITH TABS!

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  1. FourBrotherzwazhere says:

    i like you!!!!!! best theme song to the best game

  2. yannickveldhuis says:

    thx man i played this song to some of my friends and now they all want to learn it! Thanks man you have been a huge inperation to me :’ )

  3. jded7 says:

    @CorpCheek1 Houston we have a problem…Had to say it. Come on man,find your music,you need to grab a hold of your balls and your shaft! (of your guitar ;) )

  4. jedihacim says:

    @CorpCheek1 i wish i was named after a city!

  5. SuperDaremaster says:

    subscribed asoon as i saw the riff:D

  6. ColeGlowacki420 says:

    just started playing and this is a fantastic practice song lil bit of everything excellent for the fingers

  7. CorpCheek1 says:

    Ciao fellow youtubers; I kinda need some support. About a two months ago I made the fatal mistake of stopping playing my guitar. Since then, I have forgotten most every song I learned. I am very disappointed in myself and would like some support. Anyone would do, please just help me spark that same enthusiasm as I once possessed!


  8. MrJoey4823 says:

    Ciao! i would like to thank you soooo much for what your doing to me, and other guitar “learners” out there haha.. I went from not knowing any clarification or songs or to play guitar at all to knowing the entire halo 2 theme song! from you, and this video alone. Thank you so much, you should be a guitar teacher!

  9. newRAVE36 says:

    dude thx sooo much!!! THIS IZ FREAKIN AWESOME!!:D

  10. mrgrenade991 says:

    ._. he has the incorrect tabs for this song

  11. FeralWorgen says:

    honest play, you are a very excellent teacher. Half the people on youtube can’t teach

  12. jayokingofvideos says:

    you made one of the best theme songs ever made a lot simpler than it sounds keep it up screw the haters just ignore them if they despise this channel so much they should’nt watch the vids simple as that anyway fantastic video and it has really helped and also i like your guitar its sexy

  13. NinjaPotato007 says:

    metallica poster 4:57

  14. knifemakejake says:

    by the way, how do you mispronounce ‘Halo’?

  15. evangelino762 says:

    @MrMoonCraft its called overdrive or distortion most amps have a certain setting for it

  16. Gamefan1996 says:


  17. DeadKold says:

    hey i like your videos but I can’t map out how to add you as a friend on the new interface :[

  18. MrMoonCraft says:

    how do you make your guitar sound like that? like it switches to normal then to that rock type sound

  19. z33ron says:

    Boby i learned a lot from u keep it up and give haters B :P

  20. xXSqurrillyAdamsXx says:

    @4210shadow Cortona doesn’t count as a girlfriend man lol xD

  21. dansplaylist1 says:

    It’s surprising the amount you can learn in just below 7 minutes :) thanks bobby

  22. PointyCheese says:

    @MrAUSSTRALIA omg leave him alone troll XD

  23. babywano says:

    My friends dont like rock but they do like this thanks a ton bob

  24. JakeyWilko says:

    5 people play call of duty

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