How to play Harvest Moon, Neil Young easy guitar how to

This is an acoustic guitar lesson on how I play Harvest Moon by Neil Childish. A fantastic tune to play that everyone will know.

In this lesson I give you a heap of tips on starting transcribing (culture songs by ear). Aimed at beginner players or those who have not worked out songs by themselves before this should make it simpler for you :) Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Filmed and edited by justin.Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of Have fun .
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  1. yshewaramani says:

    Hey dude fantastic video including both voices (speaking and singing)
    And thanks for the video

  2. climey says:

    @pacificnorthwester sounds like down by the river

  3. jjoseirarrazaval says:

    yeah really simple…

  4. MikesHardArtist says:

    You have a fantastic singing voice.

  5. appetitefordynamite says:


  6. thisisnowhere says:

    @pacificnorthwester That small riff sounds like Jack and Diane from John Cougar

  7. defaultais says:

    thank you! looking forward to culture this one. i really like this song.
    by the way, it fits to your voice! ;)

  8. insightHD says:

    hey man any way you could tab the g chord out that you play here?

  9. elebeu says:

    Fantastic lesson man. In depth info but simple to know and follow. This has always been a pet of mine. Thanks for the help.

  10. aiyic says:

    @pacificnorthwester It’s Jack and Diane by John (Cougar) Mellancamp.

  11. RoundishBubble says:

    Is that guitar a SX? coz thats what i have the exact some colour too :) really excellent guitar x

  12. youhydromike says:

    Fantastic lesson, simple to follow, simple to know.

  13. billygoat16 says:

    @pacificnorthwester are you talking about the john mellancamp riff that he pulls out there near the end? if so, the song is called jack and diane

  14. rinrath says:

    Thank you so much, Vince!!
    it’s a fantastic master class.
    A hug from Chile,

  15. sherrillwallace says:

    Got it. Last poster mentined his taylor 12 string. I have one too so force give it a try on the 12 string. Fantastic lesson. Thanks.

  16. LUKE82603 says:

    Very nice lesson man. I play this on my 12 string Taylor 9 series all the time and the sound is incredible. I did pick up a few pointers from you so fantastic job ..

  17. billyboyles says:

    Very excellent ….Thank you

  18. mpm111144 says:

    Well, hell yeah!!

  19. karmakimi says:


  20. ehyulliss says:

    You sound so much like Robert Downey Jr.

  21. relms69 says:

    @pacificnorthwester song is called: don’t let it bring you down. it’sCm to Bb.Go to for tab

  22. donottawaguitar says:


  23. pacificnorthwester says:

    @mosybohica It came to me. The riff I was thinking of came from the start of Mellanheads “Jack and Diane”

  24. mosybohica says:

    Wish I could help you but I am not aware of any slide riffs from Neil with those chords? Can you give me any more info?

  25. pacificnorthwester says:

    Neil, this is driving me round the bend,(small drive for me) what song is that funky small slide riff from?- i judge it’s a Bm7 to C#m7 and back. Thanks, eh.

  26. cleogonzalez614 says:

    Your vid is a pet on Malta

  27. blakeissoawesome says:

    @joshlenihan2k11 He is thanking Justin, not boasting to us…

  28. joshlenihan2k11 says:

    @kaanhan10 so u boast to a bunch of strangers???

  29. pedritomelo says:

    ohh fuck, this is going to be so hard, they´re so many fucking chords, and some of them are not even chords…

  30. Lycurgu5able says:

    @samlohani then your screwed hahaha

  31. alonsb2006 says:

    I lost it at “Getting all hip” and couldn’t keep going for the next 10 minutes because of small laughter attacks.

  32. kaanhan10 says:

    OMGG i just transcribed my firstt song:DD than i check the tabs and i was 100% right!!! thank you for this wonderful feeling of achievement

  33. bergalini says:

    @CKS5000 I was making a joke dude.

  34. CKS5000 says:

    @bergalini you kinda missed the part where he start with something simple huh?

  35. Z0S0The0utrider69 says:

    culture the bass note helps a ton also knowing the names of the clarification help too even if its just on the E and A string cuz power chord wise u can play any power chord just on those 2 strings cuz say the song uses E, D, and A chords well if u map out the chords on those strings and then learn the rest of the clarification u will be like “well instead of playin the D and A chords way down here ill just play em up here where its simpler” judge me it works

  36. 5oulPower says:

    @samlohani just practice on transcribing. With enough experience, you’ll recognize alternative tunings straight away. I’ve learned to play guitar by ear since the very start, mainly because I don’t know how to read tabs and clarification lol. And I can testify to the power of playing by ear. You can do things many guitarists who read tabs cant. Just keep at it and you’ll reap the rewards after. :-)

  37. grimslider75 says:

    justin, you’re fantastic


  38. grimslider75 says:

    are there any videos which sight a excellent model of a excellent transcriber?

  39. bergalini says:

    I tried to transcribe Master of Puppets and I couldn’t get it so I just assumed that I was shit at guitar and then I set my guitar on fire and smashed it to bits.

  40. samlohani says:

    what if the guitar in the song is tuned differently???

  41. RexPearson1 says:

    Sweet Cool lesson here, Covers the theme quite well. Ive just made a bunch of detailed courses for beginners and advanced guitarists that you force be interested in. Check it out! want to know what you and anyone watching this video thinks. Its really free, and i mean TOTALLY

    RexPearson. com

  42. Antikristianity says:

    im tiresome to tab songs for a week now.
    it takes time i reckon when youre not that experienced. my progres isnt that excellent.
    but i reckon you can hear the difference of a e- , E- and e5 chord for model…
    your ear will get better if you do more, i suppose. lets see how excellent i am in 3 months :D

  43. crisDAwog says:

    @osnek77 o so the circle of fiths is a transcribing tool?

  44. croxionlord says:

    Thumbs up for the tasmanian devil at the end!!!!!

  45. NunoDuarte7 says:

    Hi Justin. Fantastic lesson but I have some doubts.. How do you recommend doing it? In a tab paper or in a manuscript? Doing in a manuscript requires the knowledge of music notation right ? Please answer me. Thank you.

  46. tabotabojayar says:

    @tabotabojayar so what i’m tiresome to point out is the clarification in linking a wider try out…

  47. tabotabojayar says:

    ..i mean, of course it’s simple to know wether it’s a descending or ascending try out, but what’s hard is if the clarification are prearranged diiferently…..for model in a major would you know that it is a 1-3-5-4-5 and not a 1-4-5-3-5 if it’s played extremely quick….

  48. tabotabojayar says:

    hey ahhmmm. i’ve watched your video named most vital guitar lesson…..which is about transcribing a song too…well i have a question, produce transcribing chords and riffs are really simple, but my problem is transcribing quick phrases…i’ve been collecting licks and practicing some scales since i went through lead guitar plying and i can also determine what scale am i hearing, my question is how the hell could someone transcribe the exact try out!

  49. BandwannaMcGunner says:

    The problem is that there are just so damn many chords, tiresome to randomly guess which one chord of so many promise is literally like searching for a needle in a haystack. I reckon you’ve found your one person who can’t do this at all…

  50. heman394 says:

    you justin could tell how use transcribe software

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