How to Play “How To Love” by Lil Wayne on Guitar

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  1. MegaShooter43 says:

    shes excellent

  2. MrOperation9 says:

    @TheMultiAlina how roes that work

  3. FuzzyPinkPonies says:

    When she says capo on the forth fret it sounds like “Roberts got a quick hand”

  4. TheMultiAlina says:

    take a pencil and a rubber band !

  5. lizzerdsskate2 says:

    i dont nave a stupid capo wer do u get 1

  6. Lescobis2012 says:

    u can use a pen a and a rubber band to make a fucking capo

  7. thatguyintheblack ichigo says:

    i like ur boobs and arms your so cute with longer hair and no lip ring

  8. jeamae016 says:

    how to do the G major 7?

  9. alekhyathebest says:


  10. elfoo10 says:

    fucking capo man

  11. captainrhodes83 says:

    play some Terrible Brains or Misfits!!

  12. shad0wspartin55 says:

    Is there anything that could exchange the c minor? Someone please.answer

  13. glowinthedarkson says:

    @xAndroid316 hehe yeah

  14. BayFlow408 says:

    he was singing about a stripper

  15. xXxSuppaKidxXx says:

    @y2j456 yeah it works if yu wanna use it

  16. Melodyswonderland234 says:

    this is so hard to ply on my gitar

  17. shaddeboi says:

    0:28 to all haters.

  18. y2j456 says:

    I just want to say that you could also play a D chord instead of the Gmaj7

  19. ziadzee54 says:

    dirty dancer

  20. That1d00d3 says:

    FINALLY AN AD IM NOT BORED OF. hAHAHA, (family guy Wheat-Thins)

  21. Puertoricanio759 says:

    @xAndroid316 Hey man im kinda new to reading chords and stuff, can you clarify?

  22. xAndroid316 says:

    @glowinthedarkson No problem, it can get frustrating when u wanna play a song for a chick and dont have a capo :P 

  23. glowinthedarkson says:

    @xAndroid316 thanks so much it work

  24. redneckhillbilly23 says:

    You should do a lesson on “prom queen” by lil Wayne!

  25. scms1216 says:

    john by lil wayne

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