How To Play – I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

A lesson on how to play I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me on the guitar. Check out more at!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Please Rate, Comment, Pet and Subscribe so this lesson can get more views. Thanks!! This lesson is a continuation of our study of Jimi Hendrix’s Chord And Rhythm techniques. In this video we place to use what we learned in the first video by applying it in culture Hendrix’s intro to “Small Wing”. This lesson is taught in standard tuning. If you want to play by the side of with a Hendrix recording, you will need to tune your guitar down a half step. Please go to main site at http to watch the first video in this series as well as many other video guitar lessons ALL FREE. Your support at the main site is what we enable me to continue these FREE daily lessons. Thanks! Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown


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    awesome mate, thanks for that and excellent job, it sounds awesome!

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    thank you i could finally play it at church thanks and god bless u man

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    Thanks, Aaron. I really appreciate you sharing your gifts. Fantastic work!

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    I am wanting to learn how to play this song because my Grandaddy won’t be here much longer and all he has ever wanted is for me to play guitar with him. Can you please do the whole song?

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    Would you do “word of god speak  ” by mercy me ?

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    fantastic tutorial! thanks so much for sharing!

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    i dont know this numbers like the chord E5 079900
    what are this numbers 079900?
    can you clarify please???

    thank you
    god bless you

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    Ciao aaron fantastic job. Do you have also art of playing “Surrender”?
    I am 71 yrs ancient do guitar at church and you are excellent teacher simple to
    and buy better playing methods. thanks Jo Crane houston,texas
    God has blessed your wisdom to work care for learners,I thank you

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    thanx! i learned it quick… God bless you!

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    i only started culture guitar this year and this video helped me sooooooo much!!! thank uu God bless

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    @aarontomberlin bro you are talent thanks for your time. I have a question, what type o string do you use and size. Thanks and GBU. Hiram.

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    I just survived a head on collisonon my bike. I suffered a kaput back, kaput neck, a traumatic brain injury which caused me to forget everything. Relearning the guitar and music scheme has helped to rebuild and keep my sanity as I have been confined going on two years. Culture this song so I can sing to God my thanks is an incredible gift that you have given me. Aaron, thank you so very very much. Cleve

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    Thanks Aaron,

    I like your teaching-methods and voice!
    Is the complete translation with you singing the entire song also available?

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    Are those semour duncan hotrail pickups u have on there? Im looking at those for my guitar, and im not sure weather to get them or not. How do you like them? They sound excellent!

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    can i just say that i have been playing the guitar for 1year 10 months and have been tiresome to learn that since day one, just stumbled across this video today, and learnt the rest of the intro thanks to your video, THANK YOU SO MUCH, honestly you dont know how pleased i am now :D DDDDD

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    Nice lesson. Thanks god u haven’t tune a half step down just like the original song or other “teachers”

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    hey there, dropby to tell u how much i appreciate the lessons u give here with the additional explanation on the chords used… : )

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    fantastic lesson, really helpful! I also have some fantastic Hendrix covers, check the out! Keep up the excellent work!

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    And its by far the best teaching i’ve seen on any song. But everyone just fails Small wing… But you don’t.
    I’m still amazed man.
    I’ll work my ass off to learn this though its far beyond my skills.
    Thank you so much, you’ve got a new pilgrim in germany ;-) !!!

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    Versione impoverita dell’originale. Secondo me manca il ritmo e l’hendrix stiyle. Ci sono solo le note.

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