How to play ‘Little Lion Man’ Guitar Lesson – Easy Mumford & Sons tutorial free lesson tab and backing. Free mp3 drum tracks like those used in this video at: This song is best suited for culture on acoustic guitar and requires a capo on the 5th fret. The lesson is designed for intermediates. Cheers, Andy Check out my other channels Delight in Nail Guitar Licks? Click below to tweet it! Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook: Guitar Gear I Use: PS Looking for a complete step-by-step guitar culture system? Click the link for a fantastic affordable course
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  1. purplepineapple117 says:

    I’m confused on the trick when you go from F to C so it’s C with A string open then C with D string open then normal C????

  2. BenjaminBouvier says:

    @MadlyDecent Don’t you know Marty Schwarz ?

  3. TaylorLautnerLovuh says:

    Thanks for uploading! This song is the song that made me pick up the guitar in the first place, so it was really nice to have a such a fantastic tutorial THAT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE and ACTUALLY SOUNDED LIKE THE SONG. =)

  4. ruairi2002 says:

    what a fantastic instructional video thanks very much!! really appreciate people like yourself taking time out to do this… thanks!!

  5. str4wb3rriii says:

    click 8:11 , pause , smile . :) 

  6. PrincessKenji says:

    Awww Andy I’m a small bit in like with you. I like it when I type in a guitar tut and Nail guitar has one!!! Cuz then I know I’m gonna Nail it (ha see what I did there!)

    Like ur tutorials and you xxxxx

  7. Lemayniac says:

    fantastic tutorial dude, having a blast rocking this tune haha

  8. liljoe4195 says:

    76guitargunner, you are thinking of the cave. Small lion man is certainly player in standard tuning.

  9. 76guitargunner says:

    All the covers I have seen sound excellent but why doesnt anyone play them the way Marcus does in an open D tuning? it is much simpler to play and sounds a lot better.

  10. TheJarppidudeson says:

    @MadlyDecent have you not heard of marty schwartz

  11. liljoe4195 says:

    This is sweet excellent. I also like marty’s lesson for this song.

  12. EdgyXD says:

    AWH I like your accent.
    Fantastic tutorial also!

  13. bilz0r says:

    Certainly the best lesson for this song online. The strumming is the closets to the original and ahhh etcetera

  14. eshawman says:

    11 people don’t know what music is.

  15. Dragonvail1994 says:

    i loved it the i agree that this is the only excellent how to play tutorials. thank u

  16. BapandFuro says:

    thanks for the backing tracks and the fantastic lesson – extremely helpful! fantastic teaching.

  17. rhonalindsay9 says:

    Thanks for uploading this!

  18. S0LIDFLUX says:

    @MadlyDecent look up martyzsongs hes excellent to, but this guy is goood

  19. SEBB3RS says:

    in the small intro that you give a demo, it looks and sounds like you are playing

    bass, strum – up, down, up

    in the tutorial you say miss the first “up”. I could be incorrect, the demo translation you do at speed sounds like there’s an extra note and sounds more right?

  20. darkstar3472 says:

    shaggy from scooby doo

  21. bumbawumbawumba says:

    do you also do vocals?
    produce that would be SWEEEET.

  22. TheTomoBro says:

    you sound like you’re off the wiggles

  23. retrogaming787 says:

    Excellent video, I’ve been playing for around 5 years now but I can’t get my thumb around! :(

  24. stev6901 says:

    Like what u do with this. Can you tackle a solo guitar translation of j roddy walston’s courageous mans death?

  25. THug0001 says:

    eindy with yaou

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