How to Play “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars

Is this song hard? There is an simpler way to play the exact same thing with a capo at the 7th fret! Watch here! Please like my facebook page for updates on videos and tabs! This is a guitar tutorial on how to play Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. I will upload an simple translation of this song as well so stay tuned. Let me know if this lesson has helped. Comment, like, thumbs up and please subscribe if you learned something. Thank you!
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  1. AlexMNet says:

    @Sehiran I have the tabs of this song with the capo at the 7th fret on my facebook page. I will get around to putting this on there too.

  2. AlexMNet says:

    @heythisislauren ‘p’ stands for pull off. That means pluck the string with your fiddle with on the 5th fret and then right after that pull the fiddle with off.

  3. AlexMNet says:

    @Yasmona10 Look at my tutorial of this song with the capo at the 7th fret. Its much simpler!

  4. Yasmona10 says:

    can you show me how to do the intro at the start of the song but simpler plzzz thx x

  5. Alanaaaaaah says:

    If your not excellent at fingerstyle, what does that make me? :(

  6. michelle092893 says:

    Is there any way I can play this without the capo??

  7. stayfearless13 says:

    thanks so much!! this was really helpful! :) i was able to learn it in an hour :) can’t wait to sing by the side of with it!

  8. AlexMNet says:

    @susurrers hahahaha I Ioved this comment. Thank you!

  9. susurrers says:

    Ok. Gorgeous playing. I’d date you, and we’d bond over you teaching me your supreme guitar ways. lol.. BUUUUT. For really nooby people, this tutorial does not help! Dx. Certainly not a “beginner’s” tutorial.. So yarrr. Oh..oops. I see an “simple translation tutorial” thingy now.. ^0^; But still. *sigh* One day…

  10. TylerFotiathis says:

    do you need capo?

  11. ChocolateFrog96 says:

    I’m just barely culture how to play the guitar and I hope to be able to play this song someday =)

  12. heythisislauren says:

    how do you play 5p4?

  13. Sehiran says:

    Oh man o.o
    Do you have the tablature?? it’s a small bit dificult to me follow you n.nU (My computer it’s a dinosaur D:)

  14. BpNguyen112 says:

    why didn’t you play all song? I can’t image the whole song and how to arrange it, e.i the pre chorus? I mean, i don’t know how to place it in the song when i’m playing and singing at the same time :(

  15. AlexMNet says:

    @iGoDImpactZz Thank you for the awesome compliment! =)

  16. iGoDImpactZz says:

    You learnt to play that entire song in less then a day WTF are you doing posting free online lessens for beginners like me. Go out and rule the the planet you beast.

  17. Allday232 says:

    @AlexMNet Ok thanks, and I reckon I missed the note at the beginning. Oops. And thank you so much! :)

  18. AlexMNet says:

    @superaweosome91 h stands for hammer on. A hammer on means you pluck the note at the 4th fret then hammer on your other fiddle with onto the 6th fret. Let me know if this helps!

  19. AlexMNet says:

    @mondaysandsundaes I will try to get around to doing that. I did it for the tutorial with the capo at the 7th fret.

  20. AlexMNet says:

    @Allday232 Don’t be sorry. I made a tutorial of this with the capo at the 7th fret. Its simpler. Did you read the note at the beginning of the video? The link is on the note and also in the description box. Watch that and let me know if it helps.

  21. Allday232 says:

    This is hard, I’m sorry. :( I really wanted to but the fingerings are to hard for me, I don’t even know how to play F yet. :(

  22. mondaysandsundaes says:

    please can you write this down somewhere please if possible

  23. superaweosome91 says:

    what is the do you play that?

  24. mymusicvideonow says:

    i really need help. i get where the fingers are supposed to be, but i cant really make that 5p4 sound clear. it sounds muted. :(

  25. mymusicvideonow says:

    this was the worst tutorial ever. you didnt even show how to do the fingering cuz i didnt know how you slid from 5p4 on the first part of the intro. how do you do that if all four fingers are on a fret already? I kept on replaying that same part over and over again, but its hard for me to slide the second fiddle with down a half step but still keep my pinky on the seventh fret. this is so frustrating! :(

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