How to Play Seek and Destroy Guitar Lesson (w/ Tabs!!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio runs through the thought of Harmonic Patterns with Latin guitar styles. Hi Andrew, I was hoping you could follow-up on something that my own guitar teacher couldnt clarify to me all that well. He is a rock player and this question is on a fingerstyle theme. It is called Travis Picking. There are some explanations Ive found through Google, but most of the YouTube videos Ive watched are just guys playing really quick and not really explaining it very well. Hope youll do a video on this. Thanks! – Garrett, Cleveland, OH. Thanks for writing in! Travis Picking is a fantastic try out playing concept that can be built to high speeds and works well for many styles of music. Kansas had a huge hit called Dust in the Wind back in the ’70s and last year Treasure Jam had a hit called Just Breathe – both were applying the use of Travis Picking. In the video, I cover the application of this try out off of several string sets. I also cover a nice ancient time people music turnaround phrase. The complete lesson article for this video is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website. Follow the link below for the FREE lesson material handouts: ____________________________________ Andrew’s Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website: Andrew’s “Video GuitarBlog” YouTube Channel The Creative Guitar Studio Website: Follow Andrew on Blogspot
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. alandougall91 says:

    hijo de puta se escribe “sirvio”

  2. ElDecisMex190 says:

    Me cirbio mucho el video we gracias xDDDD

  3. Ash Anthony says:

    hey man do a lesson to lamb of god set to fail if you can

  4. 123rockguitarmen456 says:

    man… you’re the best teaching this music, thanks i learned this music in 7 minutes!!!!!

  5. MrLEGOMetallica says:

    Not excellent

  6. dzibba says:

    You have nice beard

  7. rockandrollfan93 says:

    i’ll admit, this song is sweet simple (at smallest amount if you know how to play…) but wouldn’t it be more effective in the main riff to do:
    a 5h7 5h7
    e 3h5 3h5
    instead of
    d 5-7 5-7
    a 5-7 5-7
    or would you sweet much get the same effect cuz they’re the exact same power chord? idk i’m so used to power chords that the higher than is simpler on me but do you reckon there’s a difference?

  8. RyanExplosion101 says:

    @CalebePriester palm muting is where you barely place your palm at the bottom of the guitar strings just after the bottom bridge so it makes a heavyer sound that takes away the rest of the excess noise.

  9. 3BetrayeD1 says:

    ¬¬ but you don’t place the solo…. T_T XD

  10. 3BetrayeD1 says:

    thanks for the vidio it was so simple to learn that song with that video =) y only took 8 minutes to learn it ^^-

  11. Bianca97LP says:

    haha this song is really simple ^_^

  12. cheezgoblin says:

    Palm mute is when you rest the side of your right palm against the strings on the very bottom of the guitar as you pluck them, it gives a heavier sound.

  13. CalebePriester says:

    hey, I started playing guitar this week and what is this palm mute thing? can you clarify to me?


  14. MrNirvanaSuper says:

    thank you. you rock.

  15. Orzech95211 says:

    Man you ROCK m/

  16. jvazquez94 says:

    i really agree

  17. ChrisWelldone says:

    before I learned this I had Fingers

  18. dnickwoodhome13 says:

    ugh…….still cant play it >_< maybe becuz im a beginner lol

  19. Metalhead77ful says:

    thx man helped a lot

  20. Metalhead77ful says:

    yeah thats what i do. but u can do either one

  21. jukeboxherowolf says:

    64 people were looking for Iggy Pop

  22. slashnburner says:

    Awesome, thanx.

  23. MyUnclesNameisGibson says:

    because dude i am now known as the lord of the strings and chicks dig guys who play guitar

  24. KAKLOUKY says:

    Omg, your so excellent, your patient but quick at the same time.. doubtless doesnt make sense. but your really excellent at teaching and know what your doing, some other ” teachers ” dont. lol :)

  25. KAKLOUKY says:

    What do you accomplish by typing this?

  26. klausvoor says:

    There are lots of talented guitarists posting videos on Youtube but what makes this one different is that Andrew has a natural talent for really “teaching ” how it’s done.
    I am certainly going to benefit from this.
    Thank you. 

  27. Scarlett4Zanzibar says:

    You are SUCH A GOOD teacher! :) :) :)

  28. Scarlett4Zanzibar says:

    Thank you for this, Andrew. Watching your lessons has really helped me.

  29. TheSmokehouseBlues says:

    Brilliant Video! Thanks! :)

  30. EMlNEM2020 says:

    i by no means knew i knew travis picking :P

  31. EMlNEM2020 says:

    OMG i was litterally playin dust in the wind thinking was that travis picking
    then he says dust in the wind as an model

  32. RHODOAN says:

    Travis picking was the first thing I learned on the guitar, even before strumming, thanks to a girlfriend and boss who both played. I learned it using the thumb and three fingers, ‘though. It helps if you can learn to do it without bracing your hand with the small fiddle with, giving you more freedom to shift the picking hand for different tones, etc.

  33. myautomobilefunk says:

    what is the difference linking travis picking and chicken picking?

  34. jah60025 says:

    Can’t map out why “MucusFelidae”‘s post was flagged out — he’s right. This style is just a classic arpeggio style — go take note to any Spanish classical or flamenco guitar. Simplified maybe, but my classical teacher introduced Dust in the Wind as a fun song to play AFTER I had been studying arpeggios for a while. And the hallmarks of this “style” sound a lot like what Robert Johnson was doing, and Travis’s playing traces directly to Arnold Shultz…FWIW this vid is brilliant, though!

  35. MucusFelidae says:

    I wonder why you call tis “Travis picking”.
    Is it the rhthm try out to play, or the chords or something else?
    To me it is like classic arpeggio technique.

  36. brotherWes says:

    Among the best lessons on YouTube. Thanks for the clarity!

  37. missliss1992 says:

    Thank you! This is best description of Travis picking I have found.

  38. FullEffectDJ says:

    Super Incredible video… I have really played through Dust in the Wind… and this makes it all make sense. Click on my name to see some of my Classical Guitar Videos. You Rock on Classical!

  39. explosivejohnny says:

    fantastic lesson! thanks! much needed!

  40. TheKhannon says:

    Seriously, that was the greatest video about th etravis picking that I saw on the youtube. I’m from brazil and play guitar has a 1 year. Here I finally learned how to do it. Thanks man.

  41. startrekkin1701 says:

    ahhh thank you so much for this!!! it revolutionized my guitar playing :D

  42. FaceAcheMusic says:

    holy god, ur fingers look like a musical spider when u play quick. im jelous and this video really helps alot in finding out how to play like this. im tiresome to broaden my acoustic horizons and this is a gorgeous style of playing so i thought, why not? haha

  43. marionetemanJ says:

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  44. snloftus says:

    it makes an acoustic sound but it’s a classical guitar, there’s a huge difference…

  45. LaBoardum says:

    Yeah, I got steels on my classical too. The only problem is that the neck gets warped after a while because it’t not supposed to deal with that amount of tension. But I like the sound.

  46. RocknRollParadiase says:

    I don’t know, look at the headstock, and the bridge, it really looks like a cutaway classical guitar. and strings don’t always matter, I used to use steel strings on my classical guitar for a excellent 3 years.

  47. OldFoggieJr says:

    This was the best Travis picking video by far.. you really teach well, a lot of people can play but to teach is a gift…Thank you for sharing your talent…Sandi Ps already practicing this!! !:>)

  48. phadedlife says:


  49. AverySmithGuitar says:

    its a classical nylon string guitar

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