How to play ‘Sing’ by My Chemical Romance – Guitar Tutorial – How To Play Guitar Lessons

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  1. rubyroxy1234 says:

    @wierdosayshi cort is a excellent one look up cort guitars and yahama are also really excellent :)

  2. OrStrikeAViolentPose says:

    hey,, Could you do Teenagers, also by MCR ? That would be so cool :) Thank’s

  3. wierdosayshi says:

    I REALLY need help finding a guitar! Do you know any excellent acoustic brands??

  4. JuliBabe19 says:

    @iAteUrBubbleGum i have the same problem….i cant bar! D:

  5. iAteUrBubbleGum says:

    guyyyys i can’t… bare chords are too hard :( ((((( i’ll keep tiresome tho for Gerard B|

  6. themez19797 says:

    What tuning is this in?

  7. holymischif says:

    Gerard Way: …SIIIIIIIIIIING IT FOR THE… sorry I forgot the word. :D
    *does a sassy dance* ;D

  8. dylbot4321 says:

    this was really incredible can you also do give’em hell kid by MCR to?

  9. emolovermusic19 says:

    @MyChemicalRomance160 mmhmm

  10. MyChemicalRomance160 says:

    heck yes its right!

  11. emolovermusic19 says:

    @MyChemicalRomance160 lol but its right

  12. MyChemicalRomance160 says:


  13. emolovermusic19 says:

    @MyChemicalRomance160  YEAH BUDDY!

  14. emolovermusic19 says:

    can you do summertime by mcr??? its sing it for the planet, duh . who says “sorry, i forgot the word.

  15. MyChemicalRomance160 says:

    my chemical romance is the BEST sorry haha

  16. chatzz13guitar says:

    How to play the rythem.guitar…. chords r simple…!!!…help..plz…telll the strokes…..!!!!

  17. MrTrliby says:

    @EternalAceProduction Dont hold me to it but i reckon theres only one guitar coz the other guy is doing piano

  18. 2557Hunter says:

    Please do Im not ok.

  19. sonika763 says:

    You can get sexual video now

  20. MissLiv15 says:

    my hands are small and do not like power chords :/

  21. musicrocker321 says:

    sing it for the planet! this was a fantastic video.

  22. beefee22 says:

    I have just started culture how to play, and this helped a lot :3 thanks :)

  23. DaylightPhoenix says:

    @UF0L0L Yes please do summertime!!!

  24. eggasaur says:

    really excellent mate! keep it up. :)

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