How to Play Speak Now by Taylor Swift (TUTORIAL) – Guitar Lesson

This is a requested comprehensive video to show you how to exactly play Speak Now by Taylor Swift. It includes: Chords, plucking/strumming patterns, and techniques… G chord: Index Fiddle with on the 2nd fret 5th string Middle Fiddle with on the 3rd fret 6th string Ring fiddle with on the 3rd fret…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. HeartLollipop21 says:

    I have a request, could you do “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus? please, I like your tutorials, and I couldn’t find any excellent tutorials for that one, so yeah… :D

  2. dogdevil94life says:

    The bridge part starts at “I hear the preacher says…” and ends with “but i’m only looking at you”. Hope it helps you!

  3. tripleagent01 says:

    Thankyou SOOOO much!!! This is just what I need but with the bridge… when is that and is it the instrumental?

  4. macygrayno1 says:

    I AM FOREVER A SUBSCRIBER OF YOU. Like everything you did. ALL TUTORIALS SHOULD BE LIKE THIS. Gave the chord progressions for each part of the song, the strumming try out, the plucking even!! AWESOME, AWESOME! THANK YOU!

  5. Lozrulezzz says:

    Amazin doesn’t go to quick or slow really excellent!!! :)

  6. whitetiger047 says:

    thank you

  7. dani68725 says:

    What’s the strumming try out for the instrumental? The chords are the same as the chorus, I just don’t know the strumming try out…

  8. ElaineSF7 says:

    thank you

  9. conqueringiants says:

    THanks GOD bless u =D

  10. tpstang1 says:

    It’s the Tim McGraw song

  11. Colleenquinny says:

    That was very helpful and straight forward, thank you!

  12. Gryffindork7687 says:

    O.M.G! Belive me, I just started playing guitar YESTERDAY and I just learned this! You are a MASTER teacher!!! Just incredible!!! Oh and Tim McGraw, BTW. :) )

  13. WhilCloudStrike says:

    You know what? You’re so awesome! I like being with guy like you!

  14. surfingbraden says:

    dude ur a beast thanks for the vid and taking the time to type everything out!

  15. limfeicui says:

    OMG ur VIDEO is AWESOME!!! thanks alot!!

  16. hyo28daisy says:

    YEHEY! I really learned playing this song! Thanks to you! very very much! by just 2 days! xD

  17. FreakyPaula14 says:

    this really helped a lot, a million thanks to you !! :) ))

  18. mssarahpolo says:

    Literally needed to learn that for tomorrow and now thanks to u I’ve learnt it in one night! :) ))) thanks heaps.

  19. 4linCry says:

    Thank u!! U make it much simpler~

  20. 28backflip28 says:

    Thank you so much! Super helpful!

  21. sanianess says:

    lovee it!! what accent is that btw?

  22. QueCurlyy says:

    The song at the end was Tim micgraw excellent job

  23. jordinhan says:


  24. coleslaw871 says:

    yes marty is excellent teacher. i like coleslaw but it is food and this is guitar lesson so i like marty to be #1 with guitar lesson for song you want to play :) GOD BLESS MARTY!!!!!!!

  25. Kayla Yaden says:

    marty your a fantastic teacher thanks

  26. choinjc says:

    Marty!!! You make playing the guitar simple and fun!!!! Thanks man!!!

  27. bdyums says:

    need 2 learn people boy!.. help me marty!!

  28. aduckinthereeds says:

    sorry forgot a down at begining herit is
    dddd uu udud

  29. aduckinthereeds says:

    ddd uu udud

  30. wasatchmonk2 says:

    You are the man for doing this man you have re ignited my desire to learn to play!! PS you got a solid voice man!

  31. Dean Ousley says:

    Anyone got the strumming try out down?

  32. chasingadream51 says:

    Dude, thank you so much! You have a fantastic way of teaching! Excellent job

  33. anndigean says:

    oh hellllll ya

  34. ncboy65 says:

    have another frank you’ll be okay

  35. iczer6 says:

    Thank u for the lesson. More than helpful. Keep it coming. Again thanks.

  36. scottrainw says:

    Hey cock bagger, if you would just open your ears, you would have heard the strum try out that he told you to use. Which is DDDDUUUDUDU, played on each chord. 

  37. scubabash says:

    like it – nice job! Any chance you could teach Dead skunk in the middle of the road??? It would be a fun one…. pleeeeaaaase!!

  38. flatbelly77 says:

    buy his 10 dvd pool on blues !!!! incredible !!!!!!

  39. BluCollarPoet says:

    excellent shit martin

  40. bsmith420319 says:

    douche bag.. Keep doing what you’re doing Marty! You’re really helpful!

  41. irubbedyourmother says:

    next time maybe place the strum try out on the cover cock bagger…but nice job

  42. mikeblevins124 says:

    Marty makes it so simple for me. I always delight in culture something new by my man Marty.

  43. SpaceAgeAlien says:

    jimi hendrix song

  44. blankfrankeno says:

    Hey Marty-Man can I request a song? Could you teach me how to play Quick Car by Tracy Chapman? Thanks man! I really like watching your videos, they have helped me a fantastic deal! Thanks again!

  45. alyssahudgensx33 says:

    You sound so much like Jason Bateman to me. And thanks for this wonderful tutorial :)

  46. joecoaker says:

    Crossfade cold-acoustic! i been tryin so long please……. write me back inbox or somethin if you do tha video.

  47. Alekat247 says:

    Hey Marty! Like your videos bro, very helpful! Would you happen to have a video for the electric parts of this song? Peace

  48. reeddonaldson says:

    please sing in the names of chords more often. couldn’t stop laughing and very helpful!

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