How to Play Stairway to Heaven on Guitar – Led Zeppelin Guitar Lessons – Acoustic Jimmy Page

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  1. spyrde1 says:

    That t-shirt is incredible.

  2. pveg65 says:

    I wish I had a dough for every time I go to a music shop and some newbie is playing “stairway to heaven” or “smoke on the water”, I’d doubtless could afford an $8,000 PRS.

  3. KadirT21 says:

    Thanks a lot! I by no means knew how to play it by looking at the tabs. you showed me an awesome simple way greetings from germany

  4. cavegirlijs says:

    193 people aint got a guitar

  5. Skrety1 says:

    excellent job !!

  6. cadeded says:

    Did You Know It Is Much Harder To Teach Than Play.

  7. damargulis says:

    @ButteryAssAbel just keep playing. it gets simpler.

  8. ButteryAssAbel says:

    bar chords are my downfall. had to stop a minute in :( 

  9. kissbraik says:

    thank you sir !

  10. kissbraik says:

    thank you sir !

  11. TheGuitarPPL says:

    @GuessWhoCame2U Just trynna help cool down.

  12. TheDeadmansyard says:

    i envy your patience for slowing down so much to teach this and many other songs. i can see the stress in your face on some of it. it is like us tiresome to play a new song quick. but you know it quick and tiresome to slow it down.
    thank you so much for this and all the other help

  13. donottawaguitar says:

    you slap that high e around like heavy handed pimp bro

  14. 7748smile says:

    ugh stupid computer

  15. Stunter353 says:

    Please do Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust!
    And thx for all the cool songs!!! <3

  16. AmericaDeadorAlive97 says:

    baby crying @3:56

  17. MindWarpLP says:

    You have the voice of Jack Black :)

  18. cooldude123456789098 says:

    Is there a second part to this video? I was really just having distress figuring out the second part of the intro

  19. ZombieGuitar123 says:

    190 people took the ‘Highway to Hell’! :)

  20. AndehClark says:

    why is it a superstition in a music pile?

  21. T3D96 says:

    Check Out An Incredible Cover Of ,,Stairway To Heaven”
    On Our Channel : madhousearts !!!!!!!

  22. thekingsofdeathh30 says:

    i carnt reach the 7th fret whilst my fiddle with is holding down 3 strings on the 5th fret. i do have long hands but i am strugerling and i am a begginer… ish

  23. MultiJaffacakes says:

    Marty’s 10 minute miracles . learn to play any song in just 10 minutes

  24. Sorionhe says:


  25. Bencarmine96 says:

    Ok wait I was upset @martyzsongs but you dont help upset people with this video because you with your barré suck only because your fiddle with are 22 cm long.. I have my fiddle with sweaty and i cant do the barré so i choose to crash my guitar to cool my rage.. no im kidding but i wanted to do it @dortex

  26. schwill81 says:

    Dude is amusing

  27. fighisver says:

    @smokingunrun He already did.

  28. aldosara says:


  29. Pitt976 says:

    Yeah same here , Marty is doubtless the best Teacher on Youtube. You should buy his Dvd courses, the gave me a huge boost in technique ! I am from Germany, but he is so detailed in everything that its simple to follow ! Huge thumbs up !

  30. mikesgoodcarma says:


  31. lucycanyon says:

    would u mind doing a how to for Affect my planet i judge its by Robert Plant…Thanks so much:)

  32. 289math says:

    I laughed so hard at the end haha

  33. Snakbratsch says:

    may 2012 im going to see ian anderson live!

  34. dansadlersacramento says:

    I made a mistake on my previous post, please right “The mistake is A minor, capoed as A minor.” to “The mistake is C minor, capoed as A minor.”
    You know what I mean, the A minor should be a A minor seventh.

  35. dansadlersacramento says:

    I always like your videos. But, I caught a mistake in this lesson, in the acoustic part. The mistake is the A minor, capoed as A minor. The right chord is an C minor seventh, A shape minor seventh.  It’s a piece of cake, just lift your ring fiddle with when playing the A minor! Keep up the fantastic work!

  36. asiachan21 says:

    @AnaLimaLuiza orly

  37. AnaLimaLuiza says:

    Best songs are electric guitar.

  38. Herreken says:

    @ylano1995 Yeah, I didn’t even know that Anderson used a capo on this song. I found the chords somewhere without the capo but I can’t remember which type of chord to play after that Gminor. When I look up the tabs, it just says F but it’s not just a normal F major barre chord. Do you remember which chord comes after the Gminor? Thanks in advance.

  39. longroots37 says:

    lmao you rock man, thanks for all the lessons and the laughs

  40. MattyJohno7 says:

    Can you do a vid on the solo please?

  41. sirpsycho94 says:

    @jamiejam07 dont question that…. you and me at six are poopy

  42. ylano1995 says:

    tiresome this without a capo… its hard but doable.

  43. alexwhrtn says:

    marty, you are the bomb

  44. smokingunrun says:

    @smokingunrun Hey I’m talking to myself… but anyway I take that back he ALREADY posted it and I’m a tool. Just need to find my pants and my phone to call three people now. Awesome.

  45. smokingunrun says:

    HANDS DOWN (whatever that means) the BEST guitar online tutor I have found. Simple to follow, simple to learn. I have been playing for years and I give it to Marty for making a series well worth investing in.
    Now all he needs to place on is “Crazy on You” by Heart and I will promote his site to everyone I know. Yes, all THREE people I know will know about his site.
    Ha. Fantastic stuff though Marty.

  46. Donkulatedfish says:

    thanks for showing me those chords, the website i use to find tab hasn’t got this fantastic song!

  47. Smargiasso33 says:

    Thumbs up if you want a lesson for the legendary solo too :)

  48. themancdogg says:

    There is no guy named jethro tull. Lmao no shit eh.

  49. geocam2 says:

    Thanks for posting this. I find it really hard to get the rhythms but the chords come quickly. I am sweet sorry guitar player, but if you could break the rhythms down a small more it would help me. Excellent job!

  50. xxdiogenescynicxx says:

    I like when he randomly starts to sing haha. These videos are fantastic, they are really helping.

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