How to Play Sweet Home Alabama on Guitar Click here for 3 free awesome blues lessons not on youtube!
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  1. MsSaintsflow says:

    can you pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas,pleas, teach knifes and pens black veil brides

  2. tobrunive says:

    you are my new techer man, simply awesome!

  3. clipwatch33r says:

    Surrounded by the fire messed up! I don’t even care if you teach it. I wanna hear you play it!

  4. AFarmhouseFull says:

    Incredible….Even for someone like me who has by no means had ANY music social class and NEVER picked up a guitar you make this absolutely doable. YOU are the reason I am now playing things other than just dull chords! Thank you! Such a fantastic teacher…..

  5. landes1998 says:

    “As I Am”- Marvel Theater Guitar lesson pls

  6. tmaxxracer12 says:

    I have a reuest for a song… i have noticed you dont do songs like these but i would like if u would do this one. Jason Crabb Through the Fire thanks,

  7. TheHelpingHand24 says:

    Dude, you are so helpful! U clarify what you are playing so excellent! Im glad i found someone who knows how to clarify things excellent and doesnt just glide through the song. U Rok!

  8. DukeofDudes74 says:

    I have a bromance for Marty!

  9. MrJaapdeboer says:

    @JDoubleOP You just got yourself a thumbs up ^^

  10. bamafan2011ful says:

    Your an awesome teacher Marty! I learned very nearly everything I know about playing guitar from you! Keep ‘em comin bro -josh.

  11. JDoubleOP says:

    @MrJaapdeboer It doesn’t matter how much he has. It matters what he can do with it…:) And he’s one of the best in online teaching. Please go on dear friend….

  12. MrBudha98 says:

    You sir are a badass

  13. stefferson74 says:

    Hey Marty! Aim from belgium and 44 y and pickt up my guitar again after 20 years… youre lessons are the best! keep on rocking please!!!! Dont u ever stop hehe! Could you do ” Make it with chu” From QOTSA pleeeeeeeaaaaaase….? lol
    BIG hugs ! ;-)

  14. Snipernoa1 says:


  15. ACDCkostas says:

    μεαν γιου αρ δε μπεστ τιτσερ ον γιουτιουμπ

  16. MARKOPDIM says:

    λαικ υοθ μαρτυ γκοου ον

  17. BadAzzR3dn3k says:

    haha yes thanks ill try it now oh and u got plus 1 sub dude

  18. mathiasLEcurious says:

    cool hat bro i nailed this song thanks to you

  19. GuyvesTheButler says:

    Marty you are an incredible guitar teacher man, keep it up, it really helps me

  20. Anthonenanimity says:


  21. krazy4drums says:

    eye of the tiger full song

  22. 94flyingpig says:

    marty you are awesome, at teaching and playing

  23. imusic8494 says:

    Omg you are a god at the Guitar !!!

  24. gozillavsbatman says:

    Hey, could you do a video of creeds one last breath :o

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