How to Play the Pentatonic Scale on Guitar This guitar lesson teaches you how to play the A minor pentatonic scale. An vital scale if you want to learn how to play lead guitar.
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  1. BonerWake says:

    simple and effective! nice!

  2. Foolycoolynaota says:

    I like you! thank you~!!!

  3. EquinoxParadox91 says:

    Why does everybody go to the high C note on the high E string? You end a scale on the root not the minor 3rd!

  4. jakcsadasd says:

    Thumbs up if u came here after watching a Marty Swartz vid

  5. DivisonOnFire says:

    thanks…now i can jam with my main man Marty Swartz

  6. MountainDewAdam24 says:

    Thanks for the video,it has helped me out

  7. Nicky282820 says:

    Fantastic tutorial thank you very much :)

  8. Kakashikewl says:


  9. 000quicklist says:

    You are the best teach I have ever found! You make it so simple to know. Thanks a ton. This really helped me out.

  10. lorfrudd says:

    Dude! Thanks so much! Your’s is the first video I’ve come across that really slows it down – off the practice!

  11. LeeRoze says:


  12. michiganmonster says:

    Im just culture to play, and i have to write to say thanks man this has really helped me out. the way u teach is simple and simple to follow thanks a million.

  13. TheAwkwardBanana says:


  14. mysoukouss says:

    thank you for a well simplified demo. You truly can be a savior for the begginers. If you instruct this well the rest of the confusing personnel, id like to buy your DVD if you have one

  15. thedoomwolf13 says:

    thanks :D

  16. SephirothGFX says:

    Hats off to you excellent sir. You’re an awesome teacher.

  17. SmashBrosmike85 says:

    Nice vid. You gotta like gibson guitars

  18. eliran1404 says:

    hey dude ur a fantastic teacher learned it in no time keep it up man!!! :)

  19. jeremyolson84 says:

    @BeeGreeen The tone is the Treble/Bass balance control.

  20. BeeGreeen says:

    @BlueTattooMusic what does tone do on an amp? im new so yeah sorry 

  21. mexrilla says:

    holy shit that tone is sweet sick…

  22. greenieoz says:

    you les paul is fake!!!

  23. robin3421 says:


  24. drakelite says:

    i saw the other videos but they looked so hard but once I looked at ur video, it became simple. Thanks for the tut!

  25. ambercaparas says:

    thanks man, I’m on lesson 3 of the pentatonic scale :-)

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