How to Play TIME Guitar Solo by PINK FLOYD, With Tabs

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  1. mykranili says:

    Arguably the best solo of all time, and possibly the greatest instructional video of all time. I like your work, and thank you! Oh and 10 people need to GTFO and back to their Taylor Swift tab books…

  2. zutt3 says:

    Awesome illustration. Thanks man!

  3. kokkinoskoufitsa3 says:

    why no vibrato man? It’s such a crucial part of this solo.

  4. danielcunningham100 says:

    nice one bobby. excellent translation.ive learned a lot from your videos.
    i have an american standard strat with a fender mustang amp, lots of reverb and distortion setting and it sounds incredible.took me 2 afternoons to learn this one, and its one of my favourites.

  5. MrJoe1928 says:

    this taught me so much

  6. MrJoe1928 says:

    man i like you

  7. boyd1998 says:

    Metallica (L)

  8. EyeHawk777 says:

    10 people just can’t play it.

  9. MrAlvatroz says:

    very nice , thanks?

  10. caldaman105 says:

    @yababysdaddy7 yeah if its a excellent amp if should have the knob to adjust the ‘dirtiness’

  11. about823jews says:

    this solo is really surprisingly simple to play:D thanks for the tabbbs!

  12. ThatZombiesGuy says:

    go leafs :)

  13. xallanx12 says:

    hey, Bobby. You shouldn’t make those tabs annonations, cuz then they are completely weird in fullscreen. Try to make then in like really basic video-editors or something, plz?

  14. hydralisk3313 says:

    @yababysdaddy7 Certainly, it sounds like it has a generous amount of gain. Slight use of Mids, about 60 % Bass, about 70 % of treble, and a tad bit of reverb to add that solo sound. Also, sorry to hear that you’ve been insulted that way. It’s completely repulsive how incredibly unsupportive some so called “musicians” can be.

  15. Sean0van says:


  16. masonrox2547 says:

    @yababysdaddy7 Get some pedals man.

  17. anuragtiwary says:

    You always rock bobby.

  18. yaileneflower says:

    he is so excellent!!! thxs

  19. MultiNotman says:

    @yababysdaddy7 Do you mean the distortion? if you mean it, you should just turn up gain and that’s it.
    Sorry if i had some grammar mistakes, because i am georgian.

  20. judassson says:


  21. MVT44 says:

    If anyone sees this guy in a bar buy him a drink. Very helpful!

  22. thewhochilipeppersU2 says:


  23. SrbijaaBree says:

    Check out my HARD ROCK SONG,i made it in CUBASE 5!!!

  24. slayerT75 says:

    bobby is now the go to guy when i want to learn a song

  25. RHCPhooligan says:

    dam i ha ve acoustic and it it feels like im skinning myself bustling wen i bend there

  26. PaleoCavemanDiet says:

    Awesome job!

  27. NeonYelloReviews says:

    @malco2121 For once….

  28. fowlkesbrian says:

    @TheInscrutableHolmes I reckon what mjknlr means is that there’s no extra, distinct melody to represent Brian Johnson’s singing

  29. Jbamski says:

    @TheYoungerPerspectiv i dont really know that but its right :O

  30. Krydeer says:

    @Sixxinarow6 lol

  31. malco2121 says:

    @baalzebubdeffiu i know right! i should doubtless sue…

  32. xxFAiiLEDxx says:

    @malco2121 What the..?!

  33. McMaNGOS says:

    @TheInscrutableHolmes bitcrushing? downsampling?

  34. TheInscrutableHolmes says:

    @mjknlr How would you place vocals in something 8 bit style?

  35. baalzebubdeffiu says:

    same top comments.dont we all like plagiarism?

  36. mjknlr says:


  37. Sixxinarow6 says:

    When it’s at the “THUNDER” part.. sounds like the Xbox 360 receiver turning off.

  38. j5tj says:

    666 likes, thats gotta be a sign!

  39. SugarbabyLA says:

    Pokemon anyone? XD AWESOME!

  40. Necronista says:

    240p HD 8 bit :D

  41. Jonah64100 says:

    omfg this is the best

  42. drdan141 says:

    heey fond the awsomest way to play this XD take this translation and then the normal translation an then play – play sounds sweet awesome

  43. drdan141 says:

    @iwanttousemyonename free youtube downloader ?!?

  44. piotrek59pl says:


  45. TheYoungerPerspectiv says:

    @TheEggdude16 Sound quality is better in 240p

  46. thatpikminguy says:

    And i quote from the amaing planet of gumball

  47. acidtrip45 says:

    @TheEggdude16 lol wtf that wierded me out too

  48. FabianBajorat says:

    seems like a playground for acdc weirdos in here, fantastic track still

  49. crazybay46913 says:

    @teenuxxx So wierd. it does. Maybe because it’s more like a real NES?

  50. KillingN00bsPT says:

    @alegreynwa BEST COMMENT EVER!

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