How to Play “Wish You Were Here” by Avril Lavigne on Guitar

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  1. snsdimsone4ever says:

    @jorenadamos23 m/, ^_^

  2. jorenadamos23 says:

    @snsdimsone4ever rock for pilipino TROPA!

  3. Bellexoxo2409 says:

    u sound like a DJ. . .huhu

  4. Teqiko02 says:

    free 100$ itunes gift


  5. laxstarr50 says:

    remember when by avril lavigne


  6. laxstarr50 says:

    @snsdimsone4ever i’ve seen that video!! it works for whoever duznt have a capo or lost theirs….

  7. AmelieSilverSmurf says:

    Like it !! :D And ur soo amusing !! :)

  8. jhannmykhell says:

    @snsdimsone4ever i use to do that when my capo was lost.. but i already buy new 1.. haha

  9. TutPedia says:

    @thile356 You obviously haven’t seen a woman before, have you.

  10. VampireMusic1 says:

    Could you do Avril Lavigne When you’re Gone? :D I love that song and I need to learn it >:)

  11. SangPham1212 says:

    thanks Jen! I like every video of you!

  12. Tegido10 says:

    wow that…free itunes giftcard…


  13. icpdoubleD23og says:

    i only trust you with my music a where us my capo

  14. TheHappypurple says:


  15. pepperteddy101 says:

    plz do safe and sound by taylor swift!

  16. nobodyknow000 says:

    @thile356 She’s a girl, stupid!

  17. hahahelenn says:

    You should start doing covers! Gorgeous voice!

  18. thile356 says:

    are you a girl or a boy?

  19. lisa32092 says:

    jen, you make everyone laugh XD

  20. jaijai464 says:


  21. ChaosInfernal111 says:

    @dienutza1111 Mersi Mult. :D

  22. dienutza1111 says:

    @ChaosInfernal111 E clestele acela de pe chitara . Se numeste capodastro-> de acolo numele de capo.

  23. ChaosInfernal111 says:

    @dienutza1111 Nu… nu stiam ce inseamna capo.. si am intrebat

  24. dienutza1111 says:

    @ChaosInfernal111 Ce s-a intamplat ? Nu iti iese ?

  25. loisxolois says:

    i just like mahalo :D

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