How To Play Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue guitar lesson tutorial

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  1. yani985 says:

    thank you for this tutorial!!! :)

  2. lumyingluo says:


  3. ullerman002 says:

    i dont need a teacher i learned this in prolly an hour lol

  4. fastfingerfreddycom says:

    @xxloveyouux LOL! No prooooblem :-D

  5. xxloveyouux says:

    I like your accent (:
    but this is awesome! thanks for existing (:

  6. PaulRandomnom says:

    you sound EXACTLY like GamingMill haha

  7. 123piratemonkey says:

    he is giving the fiddle with to everyone the is watching this at 3:56

  8. k3WL3sTP3rS0n says:

    @miguel215b i agree, i reckon he goes too quick

  9. k3WL3sTP3rS0n says:

    LOL pause at 3:58 !!!!

  10. iheartbasketball4lyf says:


  11. darkmoon6023 says:

    hey is this played in clean mode? or is it overdriver or something like that?

  12. TheTofulad says:

    you sir, are a hero. Thanks!

  13. UFG9 says:

    Really excellent teacher :) Thanks dude :) 

  14. rodriggarcia115 says:

    best lesson ever!!!!

  15. JKJudah says:

    that is the best lesson on YouTube ever! i appreciate the time and effort you place in to this vid. My fingers are all blistery bt its worth it! Thanks!

  16. fastfingerfreddycom says:

    @miguel215b LOL wish i got as many views as he does!!! He’s gets 500,000 on some!

  17. miguel215b says:

    way better than marty shwarts the tab at the bottom helps LOT!

  18. SoraDrive says:

    Please do more Yellowcard lessons! And also do Breaking Benjamin lessons!

  19. mikenally101 says:


  20. thelinkinparkmaniac says:

    Excellent lesson the ending is hard for me but i’ll learn it@

  21. TomTheTelecaster says:

    very very excellent lesson thanks a lot!

  22. JediOshkosh says:

    sweet excellent tab

  23. fastfingerfreddycom says:


    Hey there, I just have a sweet basic Marshall amp – it’s really not anything incredible so I’m sure you could get similar sounds. Just try experimenting with your amp, crank up the distortion/gain and play around until you find a sound you like.

    I also use an effects pedal to crank up my distortion. But again, it’s nothing too special :-D
    Just a basic multi FX pedal by a company called ZOOM

    Hope that helps you out :-D

  24. betiuxyricky says:

    @westin318 place the amp on distorsion

  25. betiuxyricky says:

    awesome lesson

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