I Like to Move it, Move it! [ORIGINAL]



  1. davidfalloutbandit says:

    @abdullahkewl i know right i bet there to stout to get off there couchs

  2. xFemke2 says:

    I didn’t see anything…

  3. lilknight098 says:

    whoever dislikes this why are you watching it

  4. abdelilah26 says:

    i like to go it wow there is 316 kids below 6 like me

  5. TheKsk1997 says:

    Please sign the following petition … go to ‘the petition site dot com’, type ‘adhd’ in search, two link down , thanks and have a fantastic week

  6. arvidek says:


  7. jodebnath3 says:

    i to shit it shit it

  8. AlexALecole says:

    l like to go it go it.. you SUCKKK IT !

  9. Samysson456 says:

    I like to fuck it fuck it

  10. KayannBetaudier says:

    359 ppl dont like to go it :/

  11. teatrees100 says:

    i thing i will go to madagascar now!

  12. sohoricdz says:

    Very cool ;) Let’s MOVE IT MOVE IT! :D

  13. Stern950 says:

    oh my god, 359 Idiots -.-”

  14. miccie112 says:

    i like to go it go it xPP

  15. FILIPBOLT2 says:

    thumbs up if you like to go it :D

  16. traceyisawesome says:

    @Stadia33 bloody?? what are u from the ahead of schedule 100s? and this song is to have fun not be a stick in the mud and a party pooper

  17. traceyisawesome says:

    352 dont like to go it or have fun :T

  18. thekat231 says:


  19. Stadia33 says:

    That ‘music’ is bloody disgusting, no way

  20. CallOfDutyNerd90 says:

    351 kids dont go it

  21. TheLaust17 says:

    original???!!! FUCK NO

  22. TheKittykat1874 says:

    thank you i am crying in the middle of the night and this helped thx

  23. ICEtheTIGER says:

    this is very slow compared to how King Julian does….

  24. pivotcorp says:

    ? instead of .

  25. pivotcorp says:

    i like to moove it moove it. i like to go my buty.

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