I VI II V Chord Variation Exercise (Jazz Guitar Lesson JA-031) How to play

In this guitar lesson I’ll show you a very cool small exercise to get you effective on your I VI II V progressions – using chordal extensions, substitutions and furthering your knowledge of chord melody. More info on the web site, be sure to check it out :) Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of justinguitar.com www.justinguitar.com Have fun .

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  1. weblogik says:

    @CosmicAlfonzo you are supposed to work up to this, not just start with this, dont despise if this is higher than your abilities

  2. Emekaoluah says:

    you really try man keep it up,one like .

  3. TheMunchkin7777 says:

    Really like this…thanks.

  4. marcrothman says:

    Very very cool lesson.
    Thanks mate.

  5. Jiberist says:

    Hey, I’ve watched all the lessons hear, and just so that you know, you are the best bloomin teacher on you tube! Keep up the excellent work

  6. patwrotethis says:

    hey! nice shirt!

  7. CosmicAlfonzo says:

    If this is how people reckon you learn music, no wonder musicians are a dying breed.

    Just fuggin play. Use your ears, this shit will only confuse you. None of this stuff is that complicated.

  8. MusicDionysos says:

    @SuperNoobTroll I wanted to give you an answer untill I saw your name.

  9. SuperNoobTroll says:

    what the hell language is this guy speaking?

  10. d0ngbak says:

    At 7:30 you mean C major 13 right =P?

  11. esdenaze says:

    At smallest amount now I know what it feels like to be an overheating nuclear reactor.

  12. biffy18 says:

    thank you Justin for all the vids on jazz and other theories….i have been interested in jazz for all my guitar playing life( over thirty years) …..your approach to teaching is very helpful in a well clarified manner…i do admit that i get plenty from other sites as well but you do warrant a compliment and recognition….this video on the I VI II V I was very helpful in improvising…. keep up the fantastic teaching work,,,,,CHEERS!!

  13. simonchristl says:

    Fantastic Video!

  14. ganaian says:

    Thanx a lot Justine yougot the talent to make a long tale small and simple to follow

  15. Crybaby238 says:

    thank you, this is very fascinating

  16. TheArcticMonkeyz says:

    meh I need more practice xD

  17. jsem94 says:

    Needs more 13b9

  18. Seagerash says:

    cool. reminds of stairway to heaven – A down to F chromatically through chords but descending

  19. closetome says:


  20. pear500 says:

    @stevieVantanna The melody clarification are just a chromatic rise

  21. niloy2009 says:

    why didn’t he use D dominant 7 @6:50…. if he chose to go chromatically he could have chosen D dominant 7 which was being used at several occasions before as a substitute for D minor 7…. fishy! :P

  22. closetome says:

    Mr. Sandercoe. You rock! I have learnt nearly all the jazz shapes on your websites and am now culture the modes!! Thanks, UK Somerset. Ren.

  23. twst1 says:

    this dude knows his shit….plus, excellent looking dude with an aussie accent, dude doubtless pulls in more ass than a toilet seat…damn you justinsandercoe!!!!

  24. intrestedparties says:

    why did you make the vi chord at the end dominate..?

  25. Ajohn13 says:

    Why not write the chords you are using for the exercise??? Would help to follow. Thanks

  26. gotigers007 says:

    dude…you’re dirty at guitar

  27. RileyDFMac says:

    On that first chord, do you bar the fifth fret?

  28. eckostate94 says:

    that is incredible!!! Ugh….. it is going to take sooooo long to learn all of this crap…. X( (just got my guitar at christmas)

  29. rebaxyz1 says:

    Like the ringtone

  30. jumidah says:

    0:51 he wanted to dig his nose XD

  31. sirgreggins8824 says:

    do a dallas green song. like knives would be nice. or body in a box

  32. MegaOllie23 says:

    What was going on with the Dog bark :L

  33. ShotsZG says:

    3,4,1… * iPhone starts barking* lol :D

  34. RavenOfTheSerenade says:


  35. Mr1mathi1 says:

    like it! UFO!

  36. wiggleman12 says:

    @xenosaga45 the middle fiddle with doesnt go on anything

  37. username67630 says:

    you are the teacher of teacher. AWESOME lessons.

  38. Acoustribute says:

    I know everything your doing except the weird small strumming rhythm at the turn around on the main riff… Sounds weird…

  39. mraaronperson says:

    hey, im an 8th grade student and im 13 years ancient, everbody that i have played the guitar for says i have some real talent, so the reason im posting this comment is because i want somebody to write on my channel a song they want me to learn, and i will learn it, SO SOMEBODY PLEASE THUMBS UP THIS TO GET IT TO THE TOP PLEASE!

  40. xenosaga45 says:

    wtf does the middle fiddle with go on….

  41. ShawnNelsonify says:


  42. MrSantoslaguna11 says:

    Can you do one on Simple by Rascall Flats

  43. Rovindi1 says:

    BARK BARK……what the?

  44. viktorklieverik1995 says:

    do you have the tabs of the solo they play in the intro?

  45. officialXTWwrestling says:

    is ur acoustic guitar unplugged??

  46. CODEnavyblue says:

    I’m not sure why.. but somehow your outfit reminds me of mario..

  47. missdninty says:

    i dont know, do you bar the index fiddle with when playing the power chords? could someone send me a diagram of how to play them? because when I play it it sounds completely different :( yet i seem to be pressing the same clarification….its weird :(

  48. TheThepinkcow says:

    rebecca black made 11 financial statement and disliked this video because her skills were not as excellent as this

  49. band8th says:

    are they bar cords

  50. DanskeSange says:

    @Cheek1969 I know Tom wrote the song and i like him more than the flatts.. Rascal fats? if it was a joke, Gary is not that stout anymore :)

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