Joe Satriani Style Guitar Lessons – Quick Licks DVD With Danny Gill Licklibrary Danny Gill shows you how to play guitar in the style of Joe Satriani, by showing you 30 quick licks. By the side of with those guitar licks you will learn the techniques used to perform those licks. Joe Satriani Quick Licks is available by following the link


  1. 520Peejay420 says:

    @licklibrary How come they don’t have this one at Guitar Center? I by no means see it there! I only see a couple of the Andy James DVD’s.

  2. soothslayer21 says:

    I fucking LOVE the lick at 2:59

  3. FanSlash00 says:

    what’s makes a guitar player advanced? i don’t know what level i am xD

  4. VypyrVai says:

    @17solstice which Danny does several times in this video. idiot

  5. caracterav says:

    it seems more kirk hammet style

  6. 6672rock says:

    Danny should seriously consider putting out a solo album. His soloing technique is flawless. I hear a side of him on these instructional DVD’s that I by no means heard all through his time in Hericane Alice.

  7. hyperboogie says:

    Danny is a killer guitar player and a student of Satch himself.
    I had the pleasure of having him as a teacher all through my time in MI.

  8. licklibrary says:

    @saichloe Hi there – the solos on this DVD are composed by Danny Gill, in the Style of Joe Satriani therefore theres no particular Satriani song. Hope that helps.

  9. saichloe says:

    may i know whats the title of this song. pls!

  10. wnvideo says:

    @licklibrary this is a pain to learn by DVDs without tabs, that is why I by no means buy your DVDs ))

  11. MrSchwermetalle says:

    it’s hard to immitate joe satriani as his songs vary hugely in thier musical style but i would say this is not very joe satriaini like at all

  12. gal7zx says:

    i dont hear joe satraini in this thing

  13. TheDede508 says:

    @licklibrary was the key for that backing track B

  14. Nixlplix says:

    Gill seems like a cool dude but some of the licks in Surfing With the Alien lesson are just unadorned incorrect :

  15. MrSatchafunkilus says:

    Hey Danny, your intro song to this dvd (which i have) is soooooo catchy and im desperate to learn it, are you able to provide the backing track to it?

  16. licklibrary says:

    @Bartman2006 We do not offer tabs, the DVDs include the lessons.

  17. Bartman2006 says:

    Does this come with any tablature, or are you expected to learn from the DVD?

  18. FoxBrsBH says:

    One lick  watch?v=N6jwyaZcG8k

  19. thejack1212 says:

    unfortunately no, i really wish they did they dvds would be so much better

  20. Ventalei says:

    When I first bought the Licklibrary, I got really mad because I just couldn’t keep up with him. Then after a year of playing, I picked it back up and learned everything they had to teach. In other words, if your a total beginner, you’ll need to pause the dvd a lot, but if you have some serious skill, there dvd’s will guide you to greatness.

  21. TheMusicBot says:

    lol. did you buy it

  22. psychofunksoldier02 says:

    This looks awesome! Does anyone know if the DVDs clarify the scheme behind the licks?

  23. kaibacorp5 says:

    are you an idiot? Satriani uses a lot of blues-licks, also this DVD isn’t supposed to teach you Satch songs. This is just to teach you the various techniques he uses.

  24. ConstantineGuitar says:

    rrsscc2006, you must have no musical capabilities whatsoever if you reckon that any person can do ONLY legato…please shut the fuck up and learn to play an instrument before commenting other people’s videos.

  25. Deddinsyde says:

    CAPS-LOCK is not your friend.

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