John Mayer, Ke$ha: Behind the Dong

Mark responds to your comments and teaches how to play a guitar solo with your dong. Watch the original music video parody HERE! Subscribe! MORE BARELY: Facebook! Get the songs on iTunes! TShirts! Characters Channel Todd’s Stuff Follow us on Twitter Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome PO Box 23 New York, NY 10113


  1. cassilovesyou1 says:

    Mark. you should do a nicki minaj spoof.!

  2. yourfavoriteSOB says:

    Not only real, but fantastic.

  3. popgirl310 says:

    @bubblegumblower222 they have its called the last exercyrus

  4. welcome11100 says:

    when i clicked this i thaught that it was do online now guys , DONG

  5. laurenlollipop1999 says:

    tht tune was to excellent to be ur dong playing it

  6. irishcream2125 says:

    try to make a video makeing fun of the huge Bang scheme

  7. natalietolliver says:


  8. JohnnyMarsBar says:

    @HaleyHawk8 they dont make spoofs of things that are already amusing/really fake

  9. bubblegumblower222 says:

    I’m surprised u haven’t done Hannah Montana or Miley yet u should do that next

  10. mainecoast54 says:

    Aw thank u

  11. wolfpack121212111 says:


  12. toffeebeast says:

    @HaleyHawk8 I LOOOVE ghost adventures!!but i honestly cant tell if its real or fake!!!! thats why i like it!!!

  13. PATRICK1197 says:

    @HaleyHawk8 Im Santa and I know it.

  14. PinedaTashaTechs37 says:


  15. jetz506 says:

    mark isn’t yucky, hes got a gorgeous wife 

  16. CandysCrazyWorld says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m Candy and I have a new Channal about me going on all kinds of Crazy Advertures. It’s gonna be wild. You by no means know what will happen. So Sub me and add me as a Friend. Watch and delight in. Thanks likes, Candy.

  17. HaleyHawk8 says:

    @elizaemma12345 you can’t do a spoof on something thats already super amusing!

  18. HaleyHawk8 says:

    do a ghost adventures spoof.they are soooooo fake its hilarious and I want to see what ya’ll could make of it!

  19. max1311 says:

    Right Blood Spoof

  20. theKelsie1122 says:

    Press 6 what is she doing??!<3

  21. kitkatkktd says:

    some Sort of Soap Opera… that would be hilarious

  22. ellonysman says:

    @01teamemmett  lol, did you really want him to show it? lol

  23. ellonysman says:

    ewwww something smells, and is wet and schtinky…eww im changin videos…im out of here

  24. MsAngelGirl101 says:

    poor Mark… lol

  25. elizaemma12345 says:

    You should TOTALLY do a Huge Bang Scheme spoof, it would be so amusing! Or a Two abs a half men!! LIKE IF U AGREE!

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