Johnny Cash – Hurt – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Song

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  1. LazySurgeon says:

    How do i tune my guitar well? I can’t for the life of me do it right…Help?

  2. 1stFRIdiots says:

    You’ve done it again marty thanks man that’s why I subscribed u rock thank you so much

  3. MrMaxinne says:

    freakin’ Marty knows them all

  4. joker9494949494 says:

    LOL Reznor made the song..

  5. yodamaster444 says:

    Hhaha silly man

  6. puggypugpug101 says:

    Do you really researched on what you said was really right, produce by all means, DeliveryManBoy=Dumbass of 2012

  7. maciasusn says:

    What have I become, my sweetest friend, everyone I know despises the “F” Chord.

  8. BeefyBob1995 says:

    Shameless ignorance

  9. JustBeenPaidGuy says:

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  10. Somethingrational1 says:

    not sure if a troll or a dumbass

  11. mytrippyworld91 says:

    u have to do when the man comes around…PLEASE!!!

  12. lieutenantcheez says:

    no the nine inch nails translation came out in 1995 while johnny cash did his cover in late 2002

  13. lieutenantcheez says:

    Johnny Cash did The cover while Johnny Cash’s translation is better nine inch nails did the original

  14. zak ware says:

    hey Devouryourvida99 your incorrect nine inch nails covered a johnny cash song

  15. Dante3085 says:

    prototype 2 ^^

  16. mindfreek454 says:

    you make it look so simple, but I just can’t get it :(

  17. danumber11 says:

    Fantastic lesson bro thanks

  18. ilovetacos62 says:

    hahaahaahaahh what a fuckin stupid ass wasting his tome posting incorrect shit when he doesnt even have his facts right lol rofl yeah he is a dumbass

  19. UBERBUBBLEdc says:

    Who gives a fuck if he doesnt know who the original artist is all that matters is he knows how to play it correctly an is teaching anyone for free who wants to learn it.

  20. DocPleasant says:

    Deliverymanboy sounds like a homosexual mail man. ”
    Delivering packages to your back door!”

  21. happyRachelface says:

    thank you

  22. UnoticedGuitarist says:

    you said the exact same thing on a different video. lol quit trolling

  23. steven wojtuniak says:

    how maby measures do you go from a c d for ?

  24. ShannerrNanner says:

    Thank you so much !!!

  25. SwanseaTosh says:

    i reckon this guy doubtless knows this and wanted to get us all wound up….ignore him :P

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