Johnny Guitar – Pearl Jam acoustic cover

My cover of ‘Johnny Guitar [VHS] Reviews” href=””>Johnny Guitar’ from the Treasure Jam album ‘Backspacer’
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. totalbeginner1000 says:

    awesome stuff – v helpful – keep it up

  2. Zenon2006 says:

    you make amusing faces

  3. kucuku says:

    Lucky I by no means wanted to =P
    I Brazilian, so Im not that excellent in speaking english.

  4. tonyonecanoby says:

    Take a spelling class. You Know , in case you ever wanted to be a writer.

  5. SuperClintEastwood says:

    bleh ur singing was excellent dude its hard to sing and play guitar at the same time

  6. mzvitalogy says:

    nice cover man!

  7. axelcd1 says:

    Thanks, very helpful to map out chords!

  8. GuitarBodom7 says:

    Playing: well done, very excellent
    Singing…have to practice more!
    keep going dude!

  9. kucuku says:

    nevermind then, just tiresome to do a constructive critique.
    Forget I’ve said anyhing.
    Awesome video.

  10. Perminator says:

    I really don’t see why you want to point out that he’s in need of more technique when you yourself can’t even sing and play at the same time?

  11. kucuku says:

    I didn’t said i despise the video or anything, not even that he sings terrible, just saying that in the singing, he needs more tecnic.
    I’ve saw all his videos and loved everyone, I can’t sing and play at the same time mos of the songs (like Marker In The Sand).
    Just saying, that if he would ever want to join a band (or if he is in one right now, I don’t know), and want to be the singer, he needs a class, and would be fantastic.

    Better explanied now?

  12. MaximusTigre26 says:

    the guy is showing you how to play the song…not impress you with his singing. i give him credit for putting the words in while playing…so give him a break

  13. kucuku says:

    I Like how you play guitar, but seriously, you should do a singing class.

  14. pappas99 says:

    dude this is a sensational effort. top work!

  15. wickedwkd says:

    I got it from the official message board – Pearl Jam message Board > Musicians and Gearheads > Johnny Guitar Tab

  16. disgainsaid says:

    Rifado pasa las Tabs por favor

  17. JereyRocksJerey says:


  18. MaximusTigre26 says:

    nice work dude…keep it up ok

  19. bibbinsbird says:

    Another fantastic cover, like this song, and the :o ) !!

  20. RoyalSkull says:

    Fantastic job…one of my favs off Backspacer

  21. wickedwkd says:

    Nope. Ancient school one :o ) No Code era I reckon

  22. blueskey says:


  23. DaveTheUseless says:

    Awesome. I’d like for the band to release this one to the general public… the planet of well loved rock could use a charming narrative.

  24. SeveredMum says:


    New shirt?

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