- Knocking on Heaven’s Door – How to Play Slash’s 2nd Guitar Solo Lesson

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  1. JESUA55 says:

    I like, une the question la gibson lespaul traditional o la custom?
    your, which prefer the traditional or the custom?
    saludations, jesus

  2. MrSystemRules says:

    Justin Bieber is Gay

  3. leboss1974 says:

    un grand merci de la france,very excellent.

  4. jonasbg1 says:

    you can bend the string up if you dont have 22 fret…

  5. ilovetacos62 says:

    thats why u always get a 22 fret guitar

  6. sebhac0123 says:

    i dont know ur frets..

  7. MsSkateAllDay1 says:

    Comes with the years my friend.

  8. DxJ90x says:

    Spent ages culture the first part of the vid, then realised my guitar doesn’t have enough frets :(

  9. najusable says:

    haha..i don’t even have all the frets..

  10. Ackscar says:

    Damn my pudgy fingers!

  11. TheHeit12 says:

    youre really so much better than slash himself

  12. abris28 says:

    ye, what he said ^

  13. CappuccioProductions says:

    The only people who disliked this doubtless couldn’t play guitar any way. Your the best Marty!!

  14. MrDEEPBLACK67 says:

    kinda hard for pudgy fingers. haha

  15. ztolkanek09 says:

    this is my 4th year playing and i can do it like halfways..lol, only 4 more years to go

  16. MrTomc123 says:

    Marty you are the man! Couldn’t of dreamed of culture solos until I learned you! Greetings from across the pond!

  17. thebadyboy says:

    Thank you Marty ! :D ur the best !

  18. agusstn says:

    Very excellent!

  19. MiklasOnTheLine says:


    thumbs up!

  20. kanes1155 says:

    me2 :(

  21. TheCasper2222 says:


  22. uncleBob337 says:

    That last phrase kinda sucks…

  23. xnxunnamedxnx says:


  24. enlil445 says:

    and then i’ll teach you alternate like simple virgin…. trololol

  25. ChrisMulheronn says:

    Your tutorials are the best! I learned the chord progression of this song, and used it to make my own :) its a simple song but i reckon its ok. Opinions on the song please! :) its on my channel if you want to take note to it! but if not thats cool.

    fantastic video!

  26. Plippet says:


  27. lucaslione says:

    I’am from Brazil, thanks for video, I like

  28. IAmVega617 says:

    You’re incredible!! Thanks!

  29. tceleven onetwothree says:

    you need to do a lesson on brother by matt corby no one else has a video on it and i really wanna learn it

  30. MrWeilien12 says:

    down down down up down down up down

  31. MossyDrums27 says:

    I like you so much!

  32. 757surfer1 says:

    you seriously can learn a song a day from this guy. certainly one of the best guitar teachers out there

  33. SuperSkrillix says:

    what is audio transcript?

  34. wtfizthiss says:

    Marty, I hope that all this hard work has made you a millionaire by now. Your videos have helped me more then any impatient burn-out at a guitar shop who over charges ever could have. The fact that you have all these videos up, NONE of them with advertisements, is extremely generous of you! Thankyou!

  35. 12988Jake says:

    You can play chords all over the guitar, as you get to know the guitar shapes etc you’ll know, he plays it there because that’s where the song is played, rather than movin all over the guitar, it’s all about keeping it simple. It would take longer to do am at the end of the guitar when your effective around the middle of the guitar, so you do whatever is most efficient for the song.

  36. Donthatetheherb93 says:

    Hi Marty, awesome vids – I’ve just started playing and I’m unusual as to why you play the A minor chord so high up the fretboard? The tutorials i’ve been watching online play it right at the end the guitar…thanks in advance!

  37. ibtheomar says:

    But seriously Marty. Could you PLEASE do a tutorial of “longer i run” by Peter Bradley Adams, there are only covers on youtube, no excellent tutorials, no tabs only chord progressions. This song means a lot to me I’d appreciate it greatly if you were to make a video showing how to play it. Thanks!

  38. ibtheomar says:

    Seventh frat.

  39. 13blackthorn says:

    “then i went to the center of the haitian”

    hahhahha…. maybe im just high.. but im still laughing

  40. manalexxxx says:

    check out fingerstyle guitar tabs @ borderhorizon.comyr.com

  41. NCD12345678913 says:


  42. boardoflength says:

    Why can’t there be more guitar tutorials like yours! :D

  43. icarodeartemisa says:

    You’re The Man!. I Learn a Lot With Your Tutorials.

  44. SweatTheBooty says:

    Lol 3:12 “uh… It’s the same thing over and over,” = (Uh… It’s not the same thing over and over)

    Youtube’s tryna screw me up

  45. Danno2717 says:

    Wow that helped a lot. Thanks a bunch makes it sound much better!

  46. tomasrdf says:

    sh*t 666 videos.. omg!

  47. OriginallyBen says:

    Yeah don’t use a pick. Fiddle with pick it. Down with the thumb on the leading note of the chords then a up stroke with whatever fiddle with/fingers you want to use, then smack the strings with your palm. So Down up slap

  48. nuggetpopsicle says:

    Ahhh! Same here! My fingers just don’t want to bend that way… bar chords suck!

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