Kpop Music Mondays – B1A4 “OK”

For more, go to On Facebook: On Twitter: This week we review B1A4′s OK for Kpop Music Mondays and try to deal with the chachy high school Disney movie feel. Uhh. Cool song, but the video hurts us…hurts us so terrible. B1A4 have the coolest name ever, though. BILASA WILL CONQUER US ALL! –The Showdown– B1A4 OK – Check B Freeze – Thanks to B1A4 Chile for the Spanish subs! Woot! —


  1. RulSaranghae says:

    LOL Simon, just get used to the fact that KPop stars just..dont know how to use keyboards. in OK, hes stroking the keyboard-well in Go Away, Sandara is literally banging her keyboard XD

  2. boowallie says:

    The hell? Way to overanalyze a song that’s meant to be simply simple (not redundant) and fun to take note to. I usually like your guys’ videos but you guys obviously missed the point of this MV. You guys just come off as so petty and focused on irrelevant details in this video.

  3. HostedTwilightFan says:


  4. cindycho says:

    당신이 모든 것을 안다고 생각 닥쳐 줄래? 스마트 행동하지 마십시오.fckers

  5. unhappylife94 says:

    i have to thank you! if it wasnt for this video i would of by no means of found out about b1a4!! <3 it was months ago me watching this and i like you! <3 its amusing how you dont know how they got B1A4 was their name XD its there blood types or also meaning “be the one all for one” :D

  6. alondra2mile says:

    Wow! first video I see. Some things I agree with you, but if not for his views, some fans would not notice.
    But we all see differently ;)

  7. Jungahlovex3 says:

    some people here need to cool their tits and have some sense of humor

  8. kanonno12331 says:

    I am a rlly rlly bigggggggg fan of b1a4 but since what you said its sorta right so I am rlly cool with it. But yeah their English isn’t really that excellent and their name is made out of their blood type :)

  9. kalunmata says:

    Bilasaaaaaaa xD 

  10. kalunmata says:

    @niannella ¿Dañar en que sentido? esto lo hacen por diversión >_> total si te parece ofensivo. ¿Por que los ves?. La verdad a mi no me ofende cuando dicen algo de SJ o WG. Es decir todo es broma nunca ofenden de verdad. Hasta defienden a algunos artistas, como a Hyuna diciendo que no es justo que la llamen zorra. Honestamente no entiendo a las personas como tu, para empezar te quejas en español como si Simon o Martina fueran a entenderte .-.

  11. magicalninjapixie says:

    THE UGLY ONE! Wow, you guys watch Homestar Sprinter, too?!

  12. niannella says:

    pueden decir lo que quieran pero sincermente porque se centran en dañar la imagen de artistas que cantan letras que no ofenden a nadie como lo son los artistas del K-pop deberian criticar a todas esas bandas o solistas que insulan o muestran tonterias en sus videos pero bueno supongo que con el simple hecho de nombrar y tomarte el tiempo de analizar los videos les das mucha importancia :D

  13. Lizzylilly101 says:

    You know, I’m a huge BANA but I don’t mind if you pick on them a lil as long as it’s right.. Because I agree that their English isn’t that excellent (but they sound super cute ^-^) But one thing you guys got incorrect was about them not having a clue how to use the instruments. Right, Jinyoung didn’t use the keyboard right, but CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan had theirs nailed. And Baro just looked like an overenthusiastic guitarist, but it’s more or less real-looking. Just sayin.

  14. EmmyRulez632 says:

    I’m really calling B1A4 ‘Bilasa’ because of Simon…just like I now call B2ST ‘Batoost’

  15. zashleyforever09 says:

    They’re called B1A4 because 1
    of the members is blood type B
    and the 4 other members are blood type A
    Therefore, B1A4.

  16. crazyemokit131 says:

    LOL i like B1A4 but the keyboard thing with jinyoung was to effing amusing

  17. LilyCity92 says:

    The main two comments up here are PURE GENIUS. This general feeling of fangirlism and outrage is so freaking amusing XDDDD I mean, c’mon guys, even if you really like or even LOVE this band, hoe can you be so serious about that? XDDDDD I have one word for you anyway: BELLASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Like you simon and martina <333

  18. RObiNxMe says:

    I don’t really care that they’re saying this because they’re not blaming B1A4, just the producer… So yeah. (:

  19. abbyocicat says:

    @kunaefi95 & @fyqa2000 Err sorry comment yg haritu bukan aku yg tulis. Kawan aku guna account aku haritu and dia lupa nk sign out sebelum comment kt vid ni. Hope korang faham eh. Serious, bukan aku yg tulis those terrible words. Aku minta maaf bagi pihak kawan aku tu. Aku akan delete comment yang dia post tu k. Sorry again :)

  20. 21thebestgirl says:

    i like like like the video regardless of what any person thinks :)
    not tiresome to be a hater, i like simon and martina, huge fan but don’t you reckon the reason they don’t like B1A4′s video because they’re too ancient to appreciate it, i mean the video shows cute, childish cool guys and it’s obviously targeted for childish teenage girls like moi :) not saying that simon and martina are ancient, like very ancient , i mean they’re childish, just not in their teens

  21. GoldenSymphany says:

    I just about DIED whenever it got to 3:00. XD

  22. fyqa2000 says:

    @abbyocicat wei .. yang kau nak marah pehal video ni just for fun je …lagipun masalah kau ke pasal video tu .. okey aku pon minat k-pop tapi tak de la sampai nak marah dengan perkataan BABI SIAL and others … kau tak layak nak cakap orang bodo kalau tak sedar diri sendiri dulu .. Don’t judge anyone if you don’t know them ..

  23. LuvBytes07 says:

    Thank God Simon and Martina are mature enough to step outside of their fandom and tell it like it is. Overly obsessive/butthurt K-pop fans should take note. It’s not that serious folks.

  24. kunaefi95 says:

    @abbyocicat ummmm okay i know melayu btw -___- and chill out dudeeeeee it’s their opinion u don’t have to abuse the capslock button sheesh. and u should see their other videos, they like kpop and their not tiresome to bash them, their just giving critics that other people are too worried to say because of crazy people like u

  25. HaleySummers says:

    What’s with all the despise comments? Chill, its there opinion, you don’t have to agree. If you don’t like there review don’t whatch it. And simon and martina didn’t mean to offend anyone, they were expressing there opinion and were joking around. I laughed, I thought it was amusing, even though your a fan of certain idols, jokes about them can be amusing. I like alot of kpop bands that they make jokes about and it’s amusing, there not like hardcore bashing. so chill :P & they said there fans themselves.

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