L213 E7 fast bluesy bass run

Download Video, mp3, pdf TAB here www.tradebit.com Starting with a combination of major pentatonic scale with chromatic clarification (reminiscent of Teentown or people music guitar runs), going into the mixolydian / minor pentatonic bluesy vein.
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In this guitar lesson series we check the classic Aussie rock track, You Shook Me All Night Long. In this first video we check out the the solo all close up and personal. Awesome solo this, not too hard to play, but hard to get just right, y’know! For those about to rock… Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of justinguitar.com www.justinguitar.com Have fun .
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. MrAgentwade says:

    Regardless of what others are compelled to write… Just wanna say MAN thanx for the free tips and tricks… I must say your style of teaching is simpler than most because of your breakdown patteren while playing… OH Btw i have played since I was 18 and now 45 but quite playing for sometime now but thought i had excellent chops… But only to realize that sooo much more of a reason to jump back into it… Kudos Bro.

  2. MrGlassback says:

    Thankyou sooooo much for these bass video’s. 

  3. Musselerran says:

    @gleventhal Whatever makes you pleased.

  4. gleventhal says:

    @Musselerran Everyone uses borrowed licks, whether you know it or not. There is nothing new below the sun.

  5. Smile4never says:

    What are the clarification???

  6. cdbeckm says:

    @5Bird5….Ditto that brother…you gotta like the MarloweDK. I found him sweet much in the same way.

  7. Musselerran says:

    I dont learn much music with you, since I dont use borrowed licks, but its fantastic to hear the different timbre off the basses! This is of fantastic help if you are looking for a special bass-sound. Excellent vids!

  8. sirpc2 says:

    Alt for fedt du har en Rickenbacker :) Det er også min drømmebas… Men jeg er stadig studerende :) min næste bass bliver Fender Squire jazz bass, men hvem ved om jeg en dag køber en Rickenbacker ;) Gode videoer! ;) Keep playin’ ;)

  9. knicknackssss says:


  10. obitobi100 says:

    nice playing and sweet Rickenbacker =)

  11. jacclar says:

    What are ricks like to play?

  12. JF0urnier says:

    The Rickenbacker (right?) is gorgeous :o

    Nice run too :D

  13. Beelzebrad667 says:

    You gotta be excellent to rock the back.

  14. grandeline says:

    wow! smooth and cool! thats real nice

  15. unclespeeder says:

    thanks again, cool riff. like watching basslines played slowely, I’m getting older, need all the help i can get.

  16. tredger42 says:

    man you come up with some of the kewlst licks

  17. bassquake1986 says:

    I mean no disrespect by any means, but am I the only one that thinks that this rickenbacker sounds like a Jazz Bass? I don’t mean anything by it of course, I like ric’s. I recently bought a ’74 4001 Ric from a vintage guitar shop with a few Ric basses and one of those sounded more like a j bass as well. Anyone else notice that?

  18. willburt says:

    Hey, Where did you get the click track? Excellent stuff.

  19. VoiceOfReasonQQ says:

    certainly keep playing!

  20. MarloweDK says:

    to 5Bird5:
    Thx for letting me know, and keep playing right?

  21. 5Bird5 says:

    Because of personal problems I stopped playing 15 years ago (doh!). When I started again a while back, I searched for help and found you. I can only say that you are truly a fantastic inspiration and a generous soul who I look up and aspire to in many ways – THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN. Man, you’re so cool I laugh out loud with joy every time I see a new post of yours! Ultimate respect like and thanks to you.

  22. zaksnaporaz says:

    your inspiration is endless !

  23. NepaTrish says:

    bass on fire!!!

  24. Fleaman07 says:

    nice one… thanks for the fantastic lessons marlowe!!!!

  25. adrian0550 says:

    thats a rickenbacker bass, a $2000 bass, one of my faves

  26. LetTheMindFlood says:

    Thanks so much Justin, this is killer and bringing back some confidence to rock!

  27. grammageo says:

    Angus and justin are best friends!!!Only angus could teach someone play so excellent as justin!

  28. blackNgreyArt says:

    Justin Sandercoe = King

  29. thomascamber111 says:

    lesson was rubbish

  30. Crazyduckization says:

    Justin you are just awesome human being!

  31. Crazyduckization says:

    I like YOU !! no homo

  32. MardiGrasMan18 says:

    I need help on that Hendrix lick at 3:00 lol

  33. jye530 says:

    @AriaSuvillan what makes that even more amusing is that retarted gay makes no sense ahahha

  34. Sietko says:

    You Are Epic Guy! I very like you!

  35. GioHendrix says:

    Hi James frank brother :)

  36. RocknRockFan says:

    Marry me Justin! Oh wait, is it unusual for two mens to get married? You know what, nervermind, 8D.

  37. colosnake says:

    thanks dude!you’re huge!

  38. museman98 says:

    @TheTheMingram by no means thought i’d hear that but when its about this Justin its a different tale

  39. fourty5mag says:

    Nice lesson!! Thanks!!

  40. teweringa1 says:

    thanks for the lesson..thanks 2 u, i.now i CAN PLAY 1 of my favourite songs..cool.

  41. TheWoud says:

    @MegaTommar Gibson SG I guess!

  42. TheTheMingram says:

    u  rock justin

  43. oc33n says:

    @MegaTommar It’s a Gibson SG.

  44. MegaTommar says:

    brother gorgeous guitar …
    What is it gibson or epiphone?

  45. KiepzzGuitar says:

    I can play my fav song because of Justin

    Thanks alot man, you’re truly the best here on Youtube ;)

  46. mulleh07 says:

    i cant get my p-90′s to squeal

  47. rippmyass says:

    Hey, check out my cover of You Shook Me All Night Long at my channel and my other videos!:) Comment, rate and subscribe:D Thanks!

  48. davidquirke1 says:

    shook me all night long solo – box =”tick”! nice one mate, better than tiresome to map out tab any day!

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