L264 Fast Em dorian scale bass fill

Download Video, mp3, pdf TAB here www.tradebit.com Tiresome something new, using lots of slides and hammerons. This fill is inspired by a fantastic gospel bass player Thaddeus Tribbet i saw on youtube. From playbassnow.com I now give online “One on one” lessons www.ashburymusichall.com


  1. SmokinChev420 says:

    you have many sick basses sir. brilliant.

  2. Druganoff says:

    your playing is awesome!) Thanks!

  3. cornflakesnwater says:


  4. CosmoKrameryyz says:

    the slow motion is really helpful.culture so much from you.thanks for taking the time to do this for all us struggling bassists.RESPECT!!

  5. Mariodupree says:

    Fantastic job with all of your videos Marlowe they are very helpful to me. Keep up the excellent work a thanks for sharing you gifts us my man !

  6. gtntp2b1 says:

    Hey Marlowe you have really inspired me to practice again and again i am a 40 something guy getting back to the shed mam Thank’s

  7. pepingroxas says:

    Marlowe, i am culture a lot from your video because you’re slowing it down.Thanks a LOTSSSS! I reckon iam going to be addicted watching your video. I’ll try to learn licks.
    Thank’s again. Bless you my friend.

  8. BeforeAfters says:

    dude can you please talk! it helps haha

  9. hugopereira14 says:

    What do you prefer,this or the Road Worn Jazz Bass?

  10. sleekbass says:

    You are a musical god send… really!!

  11. supahdave says:

    Wowwww… Thad is a monster..

  12. gabrielrrockero says:

    para para mas lento no entendi

  13. nazgulwiz says:

    Ciao MarloweDK. I try to practice your lesson. but i found it is impracticable for me to use the small fiddle with play pentatonic scale as you did in the ring fiddle with in high speed.
    is it just your playing habit or the ring fiddle with does play nearer than the small fiddle with?Thanks

  14. simonlebon29 says:

    Marlowe, I am glad I found you again… Dude you are AMAZING!!!! Thank you for the fantastic small lessons… I like the fact that you play them slowly… Awsome!

  15. MarloweDK says:

    Yes, i have fret buzz, but i like the low action

  16. yoylosotros says:

    hey marlowe how ya doin, i want to know if this bass has the action lowered till its perfect level? Do you have any fret buzz at all playing with a pick? I have a Stingray and its been very hard to find the perfect level of action lowering where i can play with a pick and have no fret buzz.

    Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela

  17. chrismas2112 says:

    thats sweet weird hm/po fill, niceee

  18. chrismas2112 says:

    that would be a music man

  19. Xnocturnus says:

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

  20. yoylosotros says:

    pre ernie ball musicman stingray

  21. spundeman says:


  22. barrydunne30 says:

    lol what type of bass is that ,my friend it one of the best basse’s ever made ,a musicman stingray aka fender ,but ernie ball own’s it now for a very long time ,but it is a fender.

  23. joesteed7 says:

    what type of bass is that

  24. Dispatter says:

    @N00B363 can’t u hear it?

  25. N00B363 says:

    Can tab it?

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