Lady Antebellum – I Need You Now – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play

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  1. GratefulDeadCCR says:

    man you can play any style from county to blues Keep em comin you rock!

  2. ppllmmookkable says:


  3. Z7OxOZ7 says:

    When the chorus starts, do you go straight from the verse, or do you stop for a second like at the end of the chorus..? If that made sense…. XD

  4. imaballindj says:

    you should play just a kiss. . . . .

  5. jhonny3245 says:


  6. theoneandonlygezz says:

    @heki92 …. a pencil works well as a fine substitute for a capo :D 

  7. heki92 says:

    what the hell, i dont have a capo :@:@:

  8. MyUsher10 says:

    aaargh, despise the F chord

  9. MyUsher10 says:

    *searching for pencil and a rubber band*

  10. MissJoannaPower says:

    brilliant lesson. Thank you!!!


    i like all your videos!

  12. Celestbh says:

    You are incredible.!!!! i like your tutorials.!!!

  13. countryxoxmusic says:

    ughh i cant do it!

  14. acinnejme says:

    thank yo soso much

  15. Skrufnyckeln says:

    Awesome! I like that you show how to strum the guitar, that’s my main issue by the side of with the beat, you’re the best!

  16. Cippppyy says:

    you are small drunk

  17. mraaronperson says:

    hey, im an 8th grade student and im 13 years ancient, everbody that i have played the guitar for says i have some real talent, so the reason im posting this comment is because i want somebody to write on my channel a song they want me to learn, and i will learn it, SO SOMEBODY PLEASE THUMBS UP THIS TO GET IT TO THE TOP PLEASE!

  18. nishantarya98 says:

    when you play, it is AWESOME, when i play, it is nothing more than a few types of buzzing sounds without any rhythm :/

  19. antonikeliza says:

    you’re the best on youtube… thanx a lot for your videos! hugs from Romania

  20. Bubblesxoxoxo101 says:

    i despise the fact that the frenken F is so hard and u dont make it any better

  21. theCrouton2 says:

    @petea5503 uh.. this vid was made a year ago..

  22. Kamelito2 says:

    Very fascinating lesson!!! I watch you from France and I’ll come again and again as beginner and will let you know how it works, better and better I hope!!!! See you…

  23. paty211ful says:

    It sounds awesome when you play it, then i do the same as you and it sounds like crap :(

  24. monkeymogul says:

    hey marty, your tutorial was simple to pick up and i learned the song straight away and im a bloody beginner! thanks, sir~

  25. petea5503 says:

    Marty I signed up for your ebook below 3 different send by e-mail financial statement and by no means recieved anything, what happened?

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