Lead guitar lesson learn how to solo blues rock licks scales on Gibson Les Paul Standard

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  1. dvdsmlprstylr says:

    I wish we could share guitar skills, not just our name! haha

  2. bloodsling says:

    CC button,2:14 “so unless you see this shit that’s back here that’s kinda like the box behind that did you get some really fascinating with combinations like believed in teaching and I played in the opening this video”…..alrighty then

  3. ninjaguy1234511 says:


  4. qwestman222 says:

    @TheDoctorFixer thank you!

  5. MrDacioss says:


  6. SoRock321 says:

    Check out Curtis Mitchell’s song “Play’n Rock’n Roll”. He uses these same techniques and plays a Les Paul. The solo is 2 minutes long.

  7. deepakmenro14 says:


  8. BluesPlayer901 says:

    You guys are legends, your videos Improved my playing so much, thanks alot!

    Rock on

    Josh :)

  9. BluesPlayer901 says:

    You guys are legends, your videos Improved my playing so much, thanks alot!

    Rock on

    Josh :)

  10. jamesevil12 says:

    u rock

  11. VICJR98 says:

    Hey everyone Im giving a free Fender Mexican Strat, check my channel for more info on the contest

  12. Psygotran says:

    I like this lick, as a beginner I find it simpler to hammer and pull going up a scale
    than coming down ?

    You give really clear and useful lessons, thanks.

  13. Psygotran says:

    I like this lick, as a beginner I find it simpler to hammer and pull going up a scale
    than coming down ?

    Thanks for your lessons, they are very clear..

  14. Psygotran says:

    I like this lick,  as a beginner I find it simpler to hammer and pull going up a scale
    than coming down ?

  15. rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi – just check the links and they all worked – try using a different browser – IE can be a bit buggy at times – try firefox – best browser for video anyway – download for free at mozilla dotcom and we will get you that free lesson and Ebook – no doubts
    take care
    David T

  16. camifernando says:

    Like Alex Wilbur,I too could not enter my name and send by e-mail account into the page advertsing the free video lesson and the pdf manual.The box for thename and emil does not become operational.What should I do to get this material downloaded?

  17. donaldleejr says:

    clicked the link, it wont let me enter name / send by e-mail, I do appreciate the lessons/help,, been very helpful

  18. rockongoodpeople says:

    Hi – IE can be buggy at times so we always recommend using mozilla firefox as your browser – especially for viewing video – you can download that browser for free at mozilla dotcom – delight in and rock on!
    David T

  19. alexwilbur says:

    I wasn’t able to type in any information when I clicked the link to get my lesson and ebook.  Shouls I be using firefox or is explorer ok?

  20. kcapjp says:

    Well clarified lessons you force save a fortune on 1-1 lessons if you buy the courses ! from a fellow teacher – keep up the excellent work. JP

  21. stowellka says:

    linking your youtube vid’s and your website there is always something to keep my journey tender by the side of !

  22. WatchPlayDownload says:

    @bumsex4me Closed captions.

  23. crownvvc4 says:

    ha!…mine are going particularly!—awesome!

  24. ElvisBluntman777 says:

    @ddos411 ROFL hahahahahaha

  25. trokeification says:

    @TheDoctorFixer “Offer free financial information click on that link below” XDDD My pet is “minor Panasonic” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  26. TheElloGuv says:

    yamaha f325

  27. 87FRESH says:

    Sweet chords bro… But seriously awesome lesson. More!!!

  28. mastermiri says:

    i like it!:) thank u so much:)

  29. starsighter13 says:

    This is a fantastic video, but it looks like you’re playing a B7 not an E7 on the last line before the chorus. Shouldn’t it be C D B7 Em?

  30. rohan11cool says:

    i have the same guitar!!!!!!!!!!

  31. raaronpalmer says:

    That’s fantastic man, helped me out alot

  32. SapaInca42 says:

    Thanks for the fantastic tutorial – it was very helpful. But I reckon instead of E7 at 6:14 it should be Bmin7 (x-2-4-2-3-2) It sounds better following the D chord and with the lyrical melody that accompanies it. Fantastic song otherwise :)

  33. jquinones55 says:

    fuck i dont have a capo :[

  34. yourSOULismy says:

    Cool, now teach me maths :( 

  35. jjkky01 says:

    By no means mind. I found the tab I was looking for. Thanks again!

  36. jjkky01 says:

    Fantastic job on explaining everything! Is there a chance you have the tab written down? I don’t read music or even know much about music scheme. I found tab but want to be able to have the chords described without transposing their names using the capo.

  37. KridikJones says:

    Ugh i’m having a hard time with the fiddle with picking, I can get the G/E intro… but once we get past that….

  38. goldenfunder5 says:

    thankyou so much, wanted to play this for years and this song means a lot x

  39. gogi2323 says:

    my teacher.

  40. MikkelNizzle111 says:

    You sing very well, and you’re a fantastic teacher :)

  41. variaxguitar says:


  42. MrSupasexi says:

    i have the exact same capo!!!!. that is all. oh btw best lesson on here lol

  43. xxDxAxVxExx says:

    brilliant man!!

  44. TheSmoke1nOurLife says:

    Fantastic! Thx! Really helpful^ now i see how it goes)

  45. BigBang1O says:

    youre a rly excellent teacher! i learned it sweet quick :D ty!

  46. MeeAndChicken says:

    How can these videos have dislikes? Do people read the title and click on it thinking their about to watch porn?

  47. swiftlerify says:

    now i finnaly understood the fingerpicking thx dude , you made me so pleased by doin this vid!

  48. swiftlerify says:

    fantastic lesson but the fingerpicking keep changing and i dont know how the fingerpicking goes in the chourus

  49. swiftlerify says:

    dude your an awesome teacher!!!

  50. cassssspar says:

    best hallelujah guitar lesson video!

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