Lead Guitar Lessons – Scales – Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar Lesson – How to Solo

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  1. BobbyMathisMusicLA says:

    very coo….

  2. IAMJDH27 says:

    Some of the best lessons on YouTube! Lessons are spot on; fantastic teaching.

  3. DrsJacksonn says:

    Marty Schwartz is so fucking cool, it’s very nearly impracticable.

  4. mkmytholigiesfan says:

    he thinks he’s so fucken cool but your not

  5. JCismusic says:

    00:55 epic amusing face

  6. slyphsoldier says:

    anyone else notice the barking at 4:55

  7. PurplePeps says:

    The rhythm section sounds like funk #49

  8. dclan86 says:

    Yea that is a fantastic small lick, agreed!

  9. dclan86 says:

    Nice small jam out!

  10. suspect1992beat says:

    Thank you very mutch, i get it now, thanks for your time :)

  11. dclan86 says:

    Yes he is talking about adding what would be the F#minor blues note, but ironically that same note is the A Major blues note. Minor blues clarification are always flat 5s, but when you play a major scale, the blues note that is normally used is the flat 3rd. So F# minor blues note is b5 which = C. C also happens to be A major’s flat 3rd. If you need more info let me know I will send by e-mail you and clarify it more thoroughly.

  12. GibsonplayerStephan says:

    Thank you ;D

  13. suspect1992beat says:

    When you say add the blues note, do you mean the blues note for the f#minor pentatonic but we keep the A root as pur homebase? :)

  14. datsmynamee says:

    Marty is a God…

  15. okmer333 says:

    I like the minor and major mix riff at 0604-0609

  16. dclan86 says:

    Its the Boss loop-station, look it up. I got one after watching Marty’s videos and it is very helpful to my practicing.

  17. carsonLILL says:

    Usually do rhythm and did this lesson and no joke my fiddle with started bleeding…i use .13′s…

  18. sa3dorfe3e says:

    & he got another one “guitarjamzdotcom”

  19. Sebiesaurus98 says:


  20. DillonBarton says:

    hey i wanna thank you for helpin me produce now im startin to play lead guitar for my church

  21. GibsonplayerStephan says:

    Nice lesson man! :D Would you tell me the art of the footswitch you are using to record riffs?

  22. iiStoRmzzZz4 says:

    Hell yeah… thx my friend your videos are really help me ! :)

  23. ReganWilson21 says:

    dude, i by no means knew marty had this channel i thought he only had martyzsongs

  24. italoco says:


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