Learn Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Double Stops – Melodies

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  1. Kinderkillerful says:

    the Social class is fantastic !! X)

  2. brassman1111 says:

    Thanks for the lesson! I’m having more distress strumming the social class chords and making them sound like you did, but I’ll definitly be jammin in G with my friends on this one.

  3. hang10jerry says:

    Mahalo for this stuff, I like it. 
    Now I’m off to check out the, “Land of A7.”

  4. BrounWright says:

    @thepricekingsdotcom E minor is the relative minor of G.

  5. BrounWright says:

    I like your “Land of A7!” 

  6. thepricekingsdotcom says:

    if this is in the key of G, how come he plays a E minor? Thats not in the key of G?

  7. EpictheEpicest says:

    for $500 I’d buy that VW and live in it. Much cheaper than rent these days.

  8. moose1618 says:

    @youcanlearnguitar really?

  9. CityVilleCheatGuide says:

    Thanks for the video

  10. LearnGuitarPro says:

    Thanks for the video

  11. TheKarensmells says:

    @toolfreak6661 did u buy the car? :0

  12. bmxguitarer says:

    @youcanlearnguitar  500 really for sale like

  13. marktwain0591 says:

    at 3:07 i thought he was going to play ‘mary had a liitle lamb’…. :D

  14. ESPSROCK says:

    Loved this lesson.

  15. ManMadeProductions01 says:

    its a green cover

  16. hightime75 says:

    how much for the bus?

  17. Johnes1988 says:

    Marty ,
    oh man thank you so mutch for your lessons ,
    your the best model that a normal person
    can change the mude of so many peaople
    thank you marty for your time to make these leassons

  18. ChiefPocololo says:

    marty, PLEASE tell me that is your van and it really is for sale

  19. ChiefPocololo says:

    marty, PLEASE tell me that is your van

  20. glenmann62 says:

    hey Marty how do you make those crazy backrounds on the cover?

  21. alkalynn1 says:

    please,please, PLEASE post one of your lessons MRWinDicker. We would all like to see a pro with some real chops!

  22. alkalynn1 says:

    Thx Marty! ur alwayz expanding our minds.
    btw is the bus really for sale?

  23. Kawnification says:

    Thanks again Marty! You’ve really helped me expand my guitar knowledge and techniques.

  24. MrWindexter says:

    check out

    now theres a guy who feels his acoustic guitar, hot

  25. MrWindexter says:

    check out this gut at

    heres a guy who feels his acoustic guitar


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