Learn guitar easy triads & chord inversions rhythm lesson

www.nextlevelguitar.comClick link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from NextLevelGuitar.com This lesson is part 1 of a 22 minute lesson on simple beginner chord inversions and triads – add to your rhythm playing – simple and fun! Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at: www.nextlevelguitar.com

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  1. TheMangisJebeh says:

    Gorgeous H535! I have a ’91 blonde flamed maple. Thinking I force throw some lessons up here too. Been playing since I was 11 – 25 years now, was a jazz major in institution. Don’t know why I didn’t reckon of it sooner. Very nice approach to your lessons. Do you get into the scheme end of things? I reckon I may have a very simple yet effective approach for novice and intermediate players. I just want to complement you on your clear and simple teaching style geared toward the student and not yourself.

  2. TrollingSince1992 says:

    @sam261007 same i’ve learned a lots from him from the biginner for now i’ve been played for half year and i want to get better and better music is flowing in my blood +.+

  3. punk4561 says:

    3:20 – 3:22 What The Fuck ?! XD

  4. k2c3po01 says:

    once again, Thanks Marty, you’ve opened my eyes to how simple it is to play chords all over the fretboard. You make culture so simple.

  5. babakko says:

    yet another genius lesson. thanx dude…

  6. gratefulDead619 says:

    man ive been playin for about 4 years, and by no means took lessons, marty taught me some magik tonight…i appreciate it my man

  7. RexPearson1 says:

    Hey man, this is a very cool lesson! ive just created some beginner courses that you might want to check out on my channel. Its the Hub of a new website >> RexPearson. com << would like for you to check it out and let me know what you reckon


  8. FLANNMAN5561 says:



  9. rudey6933 says:

    Doubtless the most useful video ive watched on u tube, not only is it very clear and simple to know, but he clarifies the scheme so well that even I understood it.

    And what is incredible about the video is that it isnt your standard, “copy this lick and you can be cool” type of thing… but its something that will enable you to be very creative, especially in a jam situation.

  10. Banthaking says:

     cameraman:”magic” :D

  11. Ladyluck2806 says:

    that d minor shape E whats going on with his 3 fiddle with? hitting a root note? i dont seem to do my dm shape that wa

  12. LearnGuitarPro says:

    Thanks for the awesome video

  13. SROD12321 says:

    @SanFranGiants2010  As far as how you know what the root note is when you are playing the D or Dm shapes, the root will always be your ring fiddle with. Now, that doesn’t tell you a whole lot if your friend plays a Gm and in a split second you need to know where the Gm is on the neck. For this I would recommend memorizing a few key spots (ie middle fiddle with on 7th for a G, 12th for a C) and then you should be able to quickly memorize the surround chords. At smallest amount, this works for me.

  14. SROD12321 says:

    @SanFranGiants2010 The reason you couldn’t use a C shape in any position is because the G and high E are open strings in this chord’s structure. Therefore, when you go this C shape around you are adding an open G and E to everything, and these clarification are not a part of every chord. But, you do end up getting cool sounds that will usually complement a given chord. Try the C shape 2nd string 5th fret with a normal D in the social class to see what I mean.

  15. Singardia says:

    Very nice job explaining the chords!!!

  16. Singardia says:

    @iluvmyaxe I judge he plays it at 10:10 It is the D that is used in Stairway to Heaven. XX4232. I reckon he is leave-taking out the high F# and playing XX432x. It is really just the CAGE translation of C. Play an open C and go it up two frets. X54232

  17. SanFranGiants2010 says:

    @iluvmyaxe I reckon you have to go to the site, a thing popped up saying the rest of the 21 minute video is on the website.

  18. SanFranGiants2010 says:

    That video was sick! My only two questions are do you always use the D or Dm shapes to go around or can you use a C chord and go the root up a whole step and would that be a D chord? And how do you know what the root note is? I know its the name of the chord and usually the lowest note but on the D chord its on the 2nd string. Thanks!

  19. iluvmyaxe says:

    very nice lesson but u didnt show us the other way to play the d chord lol

  20. steven3433 says:

    I recently subcribed to your free blues lessons, and after 20 yrs of playing I transformed my rock into Spanish music, thank you so much Marty you are the King of Kings with the guitar, do you play any other instrument as I want to compliment what I have learned and transform my music vocabulary onto another level, Keep Rocking dude .xxxxxxxxx

  21. oOTG06Oo says:

    the best guitar lessons thanks Marti

  22. horrorbiz72 says:

    Fantastic lesson! Everyone tried to clarify that to me but by no means understood until I saw your video. Thank you so much.

  23. zwatrif says:

    D minor force be the saddest key – Not D

  24. RandomAlexus says:

    “it’s the D chord man, i mean who knew?!”

    6 people can’t play a D chord.

  25. ashinguy says:

    5:55 is hilarious.

  26. MrDNAcinema says:

    why is my comment getting so many likes?

  27. NNgmbh says:

    @bach22drummer batio has no policy ;) 

  28. blookcnizh says:

    3:17 Best melodic ever

  29. youruglyfatmomma says:

    It’s silly when people equate Michael Angelo Batio to God. I mean – sure, God is cool and all that, but he is NOT Michael Angelo Batio.

  30. necrolovers says:


  31. EvelynEatsHumans says:

    I…….I…… quit!!!!

  32. regdorsey1986 says:

    that guitar is so metal…literally

  33. metallicaJee says:

    michael angelo 1 – physics 0

  34. mdl22197 says:

    so many comments have so many likes O.o

  35. FelixLiegrad14 says:

    2:55 it’s possible m/

  36. aNy1UT says:

    Legendary accuracy

  37. usuario00callejero says:

    ok ok 24…….but 29 WTF!!!

  38. oldschool90z says:

    Look at his face: “this shit is too simple for me!”

  39. beautifulwomensful says:


  40. joebabbitts2 says:

    Unbelievable… I just can’t judge it. This is something I just can’t judge. How can I judge this!!!

  41. jorge2292450892 says:


  42. jorge2292450892 says:

    woow!! impracticable!! :D D!

  43. GuitarCoverErik says:

    Awesome playing ! i reckon i am even more impressed by remember every note from the original :’)

  44. Michael1773196 says:

    His guitar has like 28 frets…

  45. 666godhatesusallAAA says:

    one of my pet guitarists of all time

  46. dmarks1 says:

    Metal Method instructor Michael Angelo Batio was just named The Planet’s Fastest Guitarist in the Guitar Planet Readers’ Poll. Congratulations Michael. Learn how he does it at metalmethod com.

  47. 97013003125 says:

    crazy !!

  48. bach22drummer says:

    4:30 he killed the policy!

  49. kayjay235 says:

    Is that physically possible 2:56 

  50. MrNassertotti says:

    so imazing and so nice fun song

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