Learn guitar jazz rhythm & how solo w/ Harmonic Minor Scale

www.nextlevelguitar.comClick link to get a killer groundbreaking new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from NextLevelGuitar.com www.nextlevelguitar.com Click the higher than link to get three free jam tracks from Next Level Guitar. Really fun and FREE! In this lesson we teach a standard minor 2-5-1 jazzy rhythm and also how to play lead guitar using the Harmonic Minor Scale over the rhythm to make a more exotic sound. Many more lessons on the full on video instructional website at: www.nextlevelguitar.com
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  1. jtankersley7 says:

    You made it make sense and not blow my brains out as you mentioned. LOL. Nice lesson man! Wish I had face to face classes with ya. It was so clear and simple to follow. Thank you.

  2. levitheguitarplayer says:

    blue bossa much :P 

  3. DontPanic2088 says:

    I could by no means do this !!!!!!

  4. MrPraise88 says:

    I learn A new Things here Thnks Marty….Best Humors and educators there…Feels so jazzy

  5. firattekaut says:

    That minor 2nd face expression at 06:26 is just PERFECT.

  6. 2000Jeffster says:

    wow 5:15 sounds awesome

  7. 2000Jeffster says:

    nice jazzin at 3:46

  8. Rcami18 says:

    sound relaxing…

  9. fekinel says:

    nice one marty
    you can play

  10. strataralle says:


  11. paddymoep says:

    As i saw the thumbnail i immediately thought of Angelo Batista.

  12. JPlatinum333 says:

    @LanternsGreenAura IT’S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. I just had to.

  13. olekycolonel says:

    fantastic video. this is the kind of thing instruction that we need on the internet.

  14. muralista66 says:

    Hey Marty: Thanks for the work,amigo: For new guys you remain very approachable and warm. And for us a bit more experienced, you manage to teach cool surprises. Always very professional in your presentation, without being cold or too smarmy. This is an appreciation from a fellow guitar teacher on the Baja Sur, who has picked up a few tips from you on how to better relate with clients, students, and kibitzers about town. K le vaya bien, David Amor.

  15. cynik0nick says:

    @rensy101 John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Mike Stern

  16. rensy101 says:

    could anyone recommend some jazz guitarist to take note to?

  17. FirstInstruMentalist says:

    @LanternsGreenAura The planet may by no means know ;)

  18. NyrockXZX says:

    @Phazur Erm. The pentatonic scale is certainly a scale, just as the hexatonic scales are certainly scales.

  19. dimebagjames1 says:

    @LanternsGreenAura ….843

  20. hutomo01 says:

    seems he really enjoying play that guitar.. he will marry it someday. lol

  21. UltiMogr says:

    @ThatsNikki he looks like one too

  22. MegaGhettochef says:

    press 7 a few times again :D

  23. Phazur says:

    @ThePishty1 minor pentatonic is not a ‘real’ scale like the normal minor and major, it is a simplified minor scale with two clarification removed to make it simpler for soloing, the two clarification who make fastest conflict with chords

  24. RamBeuk says:

    That sounds tasty. I’ve been tiresome to apply this harmonic scale for a while, but couldn’t find the right chord progression to play it to. Tnx for these fantastic lessons Marty.

  25. ThisIsDonnieMusic says:

    basically it’s about picking the right note for that genre. fantastic tutor

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