Learn how to play blues slide guitar open G tuning lesson on a Fender Stratocaster

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  1. RidgyMrPeepers says:

    @WashbearAlert That’s really not a fail, but really helpful. Open G tuning has three D strings. That would get dreadfully confusing even for an expert guitarist as he verbally clarifies everything.

  2. WashbearAlert says:

    tabs shown in video are in standard tuning…fail! :D 

  3. TexDiamond says:

    @zorbam I played with Jeff for years, it’s just his way. He’s not conscience of his movements. He has a fantastic passion for playing and he uses his whole being to play. He is doing what it takes to give people the best lesson possible. I am beyond grateful for being a friend, student and to have played music professionally with Jeff. He’s one of the very best!

  4. themorphetic says:

    Fantastic, but i need some tips about the right hand. That’s the only thing I reckon is missing in this video to be perfect.

  5. villagevidiot1 says:

    Thank you so much. I just bought a Dobro and you make me glad I did. (F-60 OMI round neck).

  6. PenjiLowe94 says:

    @erinl400 my view exactly

  7. erinl400 says:

    ‘start with something like that’ :|

  8. Alansubtil says:

    @matthew10041 thanks

  9. bluesyjazzcat31 says:

    This guy makes 1970′s strats cool.

  10. Ronbo62 says:

    I play a Fender Strat and the question I have is what size strings are recommended to play slide guitar?

  11. zorbam says:

    shame this turns out to be a non lesson, and more about his wiggly prowess.

  12. JimmyKhayata says:

    you know what got me to this video? The movie “Crossroads” what an epic movie!! i recommend you to watch THAT for inspiration :)

  13. Glockenator says:

    @Alansubtil Do mean damaging the neck? It messes with it a small, but not too much. My Gibsons, my homemade Strat, and most of my other guitars handle it fine. If you’re guitar is well constructed, it shouldn’t have a problem. The only one of mine that can’t take it is a cheap pawn shop buy that has problems anyways

  14. enos870 says:

    I just watch this over and over from the beggining to like 23 seconds in to make me pleased.

  15. RALPH7109 says:

    Are you talking to me……..well I’m the only one here!!!!

  16. 55485143 says:

    thanks professor!!

  17. Alansubtil says:

    please someone answer me:
    can i tune my (normal tuned) guitar to open G without damaging the arm?

  18. syntheticskull says:

    @Corpsegrinder1712 Hey thanks a lot! Gotta try with a bottleneck too. Just need to find a way to break the bottle without ending up with glass splinters wedged in my arm..

  19. Corpsegrinder1712 says:

    @syntheticskull Hey man ! I’ll stick to english because I’m not sure if all you guys speak german but what you’re looking for is called ‘Bottleneck’ (should cost about 10-20 €) but can really use the neck of a glas bottle too.. Try thomann.de dude! They’re quick as hell and they really have everything at a reasonable price -shipping is free if you spend more than 20€ and so on…. . Hope this helps !

  20. syntheticskull says:

    Am I the only one who cant seem to get his hands on such a slide tube (or whatever you want to call them) to save his life? Or is that just because I live in Switzerland?

  21. estderoma says:

    @ricchardo I know what an open tuning is -.-”, but I was wondering why he called the key of “Open G” and not just “G”, I mean: “Open G” is the name of the tuning, not the key, isn’t it?

  22. ricchardo says:

    @estderoma If you play ALL the strings “Open” i.e No fretting then you are playing the “G” Chord. Where as, If you played all the strings open ona guitar which was tuned to “Standard E” you would just make a horrible noise!!

  23. estderoma says:

    why do you call it key of “open G”?

  24. TimBirkenholz says:

    you’re really the first teachers who tells people to really take note to the music and who’s giving fantastic examples of bluesplayers., because not to many people know about these guys

  25. Livinginthemusic1 says:

    Keith richards used it alot!!

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