Learn how to play “Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” on the Ukulele

DIRECT LINK TO CHORDS: www.ukulele-tabs.com – Brilliant thing these guys have done to get around the idiotic copyright laws. Well the Copyright Claim against this video has been dropped due to inaction by Range Road Music Inc. Maybe they’re just waiting to sue me, who knows. In my interactions with them (through send by e-mail), I was very surprised and messed up by their supposed attitude toward music and copyrights. I clarified quite clearly to them that I do not ever intend to profit from this video. It is but my service to people who wish to learn these two wonderful songs. I reckon they reckon this is still all about money for me. Frankly, I reckon it’s all about just money to them, rather than this wonderful legacy that their song (What a Wonderful Planet) has left. And for the thousands of people who are now able to share in this piece of music as a result of this video. I’m not going to take down this video, but to all my listeners, please remember that as a person going in to Christian Ministry, I will have no means at all to defend myself should a law suit be brought up against me. Please keep in mind how you have been helped by this video, and maybe if I need it some day, you would be able to help me too. Thank you all, once again for watching my video!


  1. Emmarization says:

    @MusicManAustralia @MusicManAustralia I got one on Christmas. Mine was around £45-50 and is surprisingly excellent. Most cheap ones you have to tune every 5 seconds but it has been fantastic so far. They’re a well-known trustworthy brand. The description for it should bring up whether it is better for beginners or experts but if it doesn’t then you may be able to get an thought from the price :)

  2. Alysiaadc says:

    @HelloItsJoanna haha welcome to the club.

  3. MusicManAustralia says:

    I currently got a Mahalo Ukulele is that a excellent Ukulele for starters?

  4. maxellaz says:

    Lol also got a ukulele 4 charistmas and im loving it! Got used to it in bout an hour or two cu ive had experience with the guitar…

  5. dnsd99 says:

    @HelloItsJoanna So Did I !!! :D

  6. deathslice60 says:

    Thanks very much for the video!

  7. HelloItsJoanna says:

    Just got a ukelele for christmas its a lanikai. At smallest amount its christmas break because ima need some time to map this out -__-

  8. charlesdoggie says:

    @TheTrumpetWhoCould lanikai lu 21 75 bucks umm guitar ukulele pile in berkeley

  9. JPT387 says:

    Thank you for making this video, after a few week of struggling, I finally played through this song!!

  10. JoDiver100 says:

    I just bought at Kala Brand for $60 in Honolulu and it’s awesome. I don’t play the ukulele (yet) or the guitar but it’s the one recommended for beginners and it sounds just fantastic to me!

  11. Duskwarrior308 says:

    lol, you said Em, you meant Am

  12. littlecatfisfINC says:

    im looking to buy a ukulele, whats the difference linking a soprano and a concert ukulele?

  13. RosieBieber13 says:

    thanks, that really helped me ! xx

  14. MrTomdabomb1313 says:

    Omg thank you so much. I learnt this song in below 2 hours from scratch with no musical talent whatsoever. Made my day :)

  15. iloveheaters says:

    the strumming try out is hard.

  16. wRangLer0004 says:

    THANKS! really helpful! :)

  17. modsJUTSU says:

    man you going to quick

  18. endlsfn55 says:

    ka maka viva oh le …..

  19. XxesskimoXx says:

    Gorgeous vocals …. An angel must have fallen.

  20. daveport100 says:

    Thank you fantastic video and gorgeous songs. Can’t access the tabs using your link here in the UK ? I hope you do not have any more legal problems,lets just keep sharing our like of music. xxx

  21. ChewieImaon says:

    @TheTrumpetWhoCould Kijiji

  22. msspringtime99 says:

    What kind of ukulele do you suggest to buy that is a quality one? I can’t seem to find a quality ukulele please help me! Thanks!

  23. nick77771234 says:

    omg it looks sooo simple -.-

  24. TheUkulelePanda31 says:

    @alexdarlo 4 or 5, I reckon the highest fret you play on is the 4th. Been a while since I’ve played this.

  25. alexdarlo says:

    @TheUkulelePanda31 how many chords are there? and do you only used 5 frets (or so)?

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