Learn major scale link2 and link scales together across guitar neck lesson rock blues jazz metal

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  1. cienciasclinicas2011 says:

    It’s kind of a A minor scale, isn’t it? Or C Aeolian as you wish not a major scale at all. Also, why not sliding on the G string so you dont have to make that bumpy go with the index fiddle with which is going to slow down for a fluid go. Otherwise, excellent lesson, keep up the excellent work.

  2. gerwinong says:

    Thank you. I really learn a lot from your videos. You’re a fantastic teacher.

  3. rockout102 says:

    how many guitars does he have man he’s fucking rich

  4. GamerLandon says:

    whats $40 in £ cuz im gonna buy this rock jam tracks plus package :)

  5. CE90D61 says:

    Ive seen a million videos of major scales but none tell you when to play it, over what chord, any policy, thoughts, google them to death.. any thoughts?

  6. MegaBarger says:

    @newguitarguy08 i definetly reckon next level guitar or guitarnosis very excellent

  7. ankitrajmasihyoutub1 says:

    i wanted to question that is right that wherever we find the root note we can apply these major scale patterns…..?

  8. thom8448 says:

    One of your best lessons Dave thanks. Thanks for so much free stuff! What, honestly is the main advantage of joining nextlevelG ? Nice guitar BTW.

  9. cooldude45753 says:

    thanx this helps s lot

  10. AmarylisFlow says:

    so, so refreshing and useful to see you show how to apply scales to your playing. brilliant! thank you!

  11. melindaedes says:

    Hi again David! :) I have a question from Israel here. I have an acoustic guitar right now, but one day, I’m preparation to get an electric also.So would it be usefull to practice all kinds of scales on theacoustic untill I’ll get the other one, or is it a wase of time really?

  12. flipedup says:

    dave.. just wanted to say.. u are an awesome teacher and all through the one day i have been introduced to u i have learned quite a bit… i was wondering that when sliding up a whole step… couldn’t u just play the G (on the 3rd) A and B and then slide down half a step.. wouldn’t it make life a lot more simpler or is there a reason why u should slide a whole step form the G to the A?

  13. rockongoodpeople says:

    consider our guitar curriculum at the full on video website at next level guitar dotcom – over 850 video lessons and growing – check it out – three day free pass on the home page so you can see if its for you – we teach thousands of students thru the site
    delight in and keep on rocking!
    David T

  14. newguitarguy08 says:

    For someone who can play but has by no means had any proper lessons, which DVD series do you recommend? I can play and change very nearly all chords (jazz gives me headaches) but I don’t have a plot for how to improve and have hit a plateau without instruction. What do you recommend to go forward?

  15. shewatchme says:

    mr. rockongoodpeople please can you teach us how to apply clarification in music sheet, in our guitars.??

  16. mpalin11 says:

    I LOVE the tone. This is what a Stratocaster should sound like. Excellent lesson, too :D

  17. atila120 says:

    awesome tone

  18. RsGhost1 says:

    New guitar?

  19. Krewnich says:

    Fantastic lesson! I really like your teaching methods and NextLevelGuitar’s entire philosophy and approach to teaching. Really really cool, fun, laid back and at the same time very educational. Keep it up! :)

  20. nevikmoore says:

    I don’t know if this helps, but the fingering is the same for the A natural minor scale. It’s just a matter of where you place the root.

    Fantastic vid!

  21. V1cT1M38 says:

    Once again you opened my eyes in the dark..I was blocked up a bit and you just blew away the obstacles.Thanks again Dave.

  22. ElGbayRGX says:

    Nice Lesson i like Stratocaster guitars !!!!!!!

  23. Cjtreflip says:

    @slickguitar: do what I do man, link different positions to help you memorize them. Make your own scale positionings just know your intervals

  24. andersoncity says:

    very helpful, u decribe me, wedged in boxes, this will really help thanx

  25. DMR90Guitar says:

    lovee your guitar man. like your vids.

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