Learn the Funk electric guitar lesson rhythm and strumming – w drums – Rymo of Slightly Stoopid

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Vero Díaz says:

    Just incredible!

  2. PcKSnipE says:

    Heritage 535

  3. grrrrrrrr44 says:

    Thanks Marty, didnt know you knew slightly stoopid! learned alot of excellent stuff from you. Keep it comin!

  4. IntenseAssassin says:

    And another head for the bear lol!

  5. IntenseAssassin says:

    And another head on the bear lol

  6. eddiepulido66 says:

    dang funky foo!!!!!!!!!!

  7. SlightlyStoopidKC says:

    Wow so random…Marty your cool but way cooler now that your down with Stoopid.

  8. SirRommel3000 says:

    Marty, i like all your posts, this is really how im culture guitar… i just watch your videos and either incorporate what the teach me into my own small riffs/songs and whatnot. anyway… i like slightly stoopid and this is fucking awesome that you got Rymo on here so i can feel like a badass playin by the side of with him :) … anyway, awesome man, i like it, keep it up. thanks a ton.

  9. gqfiend says:

    Greeting form jaba IL.

  10. salvatorinni says:

    greetings from BAJA CALIFORNIA,,,GOOD JOB MAN!

  11. nasserk215 says:

    Ha this is way sick…hell yea Rymo!

  12. 100GPat says:

    What kind of guitar is that????

  13. newaysonly says:

    Marty,pay attention to low open strings muting ….you are very artistic teacher!

  14. ElyssaHitt says:

    What tone do you have your guitar on Marty??

  15. SkimKing12 says:

    AUUUUUURGGHHHHH my computer won’t play past 5:23 :(

  16. Tigerdude7798 says:

    Like if you listened to the drum at the end without playing your guitar and you thought it was awesome.

  17. gillygilly250 says:

    Haha.. shouttt!!! =P

  18. PenguinarityProd says:

    for some reason i thought you were rockin out with adam sandler lol in the beginning

  19. xnadiaaaaaaa says:

    3:17 – 3:27 WOOW that’s so cool :D

  20. gzimixmx says:

    Wow a flying turtle haha nice thanks 4 this tutorial.

  21. collieman1111 says:

    awesome vid! simple, sick funk cords.. loving the jam with Rymo! slightly stoopid kills!

  22. mountieable says:

    i’d like to be in that porno :) 

  23. VoVikMakaR says:

    nice, imagine this playing somewhere in woodstock hahahha cool

  24. yundi79 says:

    Looks like ronaldo playing drum !! I like this guy , man !

  25. NWGunsmoke says:

    i used to reckon he was quite wierd but marty has really grown on me. XD

  26. Drash10 says:

    Hey there Marty! I couldnt find a tutorial for “Born to be my baby” by Bon Jovi. I wanna learn that song so I can dedicate it to a girl that I broke up with because I’m fkin stupid, and now I wanna get back together with her produce I realized that…She is “born to be my baby”. Pls help me with this! Thank you :)

  27. HCCjuniormintTHATSME says:

    Can you please do sharp dressed man?!

  28. nitovillanueva84 says:

    I like the tut u place on about wish u were here

  29. AwsomeGuyCom says:

    So much better than any music teacher at school

  30. ji9lla says:

    i wish there was a button for liking all videos :D

  31. MrGlooth says:

    45 other worse teachers dislike this :D 

  32. SuperfreakMusicify says:


  33. R0CKMOUSE says:

    This is soo cool! i’m a massive Bon Jovi fan and have by no means found a excellent lesson of this song – UNTIL now! Marty, you rock!!

  34. openbook9000 says:

    Marty is the absolute best teacher ever!

  35. TommyJoeHughes says:

    Thanks Marty! Really helped me with the strumming try out! :D

  36. OmNomNomAGuitarOn says:

    haha^^ one fellow guitarist in my class told me he used martys lessons too, didn’t expect that :D marty and brett are fantastic, they help me to finally evolve my playing after a year of simple covering (which i don’t regret, cuz i learned alot all through that time) but now it’s time to go serious^^

  37. TheChohoshika says:

    Go Marty!!! Im going to all of your sites and liking all the songs I try to learn (soaking left hand in ice water because my callouses are still construction) Im hurtin man and its your inspiration that I blame!! I cant stop playing!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ROTFLMFAO

  38. MrJohnyBonny says:

    is that a green cover

  39. gamakatzu says:

    05:24 LOL!

  40. Santumorro says:

    Tell me one beggining or intermediate guitar player who doesnt use martyzsong. And if he doesnt there are two things: or hes a dumb person, or he doesnt know martyzsongs exists

  41. dnbean says:

    Aerosmith walk this way would be a excellent one too

  42. Forqeh says:


  43. jamie johnson says:

    very informative,be postin it in no time

  44. ronnie rummy says:

    Keep up the excellent work Marty !!

  45. CJHunterFucker says:

    Yo hablo español y no se ni pito de ingles, y logre entenderlo :D
    Thanks :D

  46. richarddp11 says:

    0:11 wtf? marty’s a monkey?

  47. MrAngellus27 says:

    2:19 for all u haters

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