Learn the Pentatonic Guitar Scale Solo

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  1. ianbourg says:

    i’d say the Les Paul is contributing to the blues sound, but thats most likely not the only thing

  2. lightbowden says:

    dude i like you man….

  3. yourallbrainwashed says:

    i cant judge it! someone finally showed me how to connect a scale a right way! a lot of people just stay in the box shape, but you just showed me a way to go up and down the fretboard just like the pros do it. i have been tiresome to find this for a long long time, and i have been wedged going knowhere for years, hopefully i can learn this and get out of the rut iv been in. thanks alot man!

  4. AlienSkaterO says:

    Dude i like you ! Iv been playing acoustic and classic for 7 years, lately the past 2 years iv been interested in rock much much more, but i hadn’t an thought where to start

    Thank you so much for these , i could just play around with this scale on different root clarification and have the BEST of time !

  5. chadischad247 says:

    its not his real channal


    it angers me that people can dislike marty

  7. mwillh says:

    Honey, I shrunk my guitar !!! Like The Heritage too!

  8. ScorpionfrauMUC says:

    fantastic tutorial, thanks so much!!

  9. Ajaruldoss says:

    practice because at one point i was having so much fun playing about 2 to 4 hours a day and i got like 2 times nearer everyday, just practice as long as you can everyday and you will realize you are getting nearer. Also practice really slow fret by fret first and then gradually your mind will want a challenge and go nearer and nearer and you will realize that you are getting nearer

  10. mikoregula says:

    my fingers dont seem to be getting any nearer, what should I do? practice more?

  11. sniksder1996 says:

    as many as youtube can handle ;)

  12. MrEverseal says:

    Hey Marty, If you ever make it to Ohio I’d like to meet you. I’m 61 years ancient and been around and played music for abou fourty years and a talk with you would be excellent. Any way I hope you tour the usa go state to state and make a few bucks. So Bob says hi and have a excellent one. By the way I really like what your doing for people.

  13. 11adventuretime11 says:

    i fucking like you

  14. Tako Pidgy says:

    Can you make a lesson of how to connect Em Pentatonic scale all over the neck?

  15. hendrixhomie1 says:

    Damn Marty how many financial statement do you have?

  16. emilnhoj says:

    Ohh my god CJ11 and Gibson :D plus awesome tutorial! 

  17. Ajaruldoss says:

    i can tell you if your fingers are slow and not as quick as his. just practice the scale for like 20 minutes a day and you will say my fingers weren’t that quick yesterday. you will notice that gradually over time and practice your fingers get nearer .

  18. Ajaruldoss says:

    that gibson traditional les paul is sweet

  19. Cristobal Canales says:

    9:42 o.o

  20. leighnassau says:

    you mentioned in another lesson with the trad les paul you got here, that if you turn down the rear pick up you get that lovely warm tone, , it place me in mind of slash . d ya reckon he plays with a similar setting ?

  21. OrangeJuiceMovement says:

    By far the best guitar lessons on Youtube. Thank you

  22. CraSSiou says:

    I reckon its just his Gibson and a super high quality divided by 13 amp :P

  23. desertcrash says:

    Really made it look so simple, I by no means played guitar before, and after watching this I had it down after a couple minutes… and like you said, just doing it while watching tv and wating for poptarts to toast while playing makes it so much simpler to learn… especially after just buying my guitar an hour ago..

  24. OoShazO says:


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