Learn to play Country rhythm beginner guitar lesson on acoustic ala Hank Williams

www.nextlevelguitar.com Click thelink higher than to receive free special videos, newsletters, jam tracks, and lots more free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this video guitar lesson Jeff Ross teaches a fun and simple beginner lesson on people rhythms in the style of Hank Williams. Jeff is a planet class guitarist who has played all over the planet and played and recorded with John Jorgenson, Rank and File, Rosie Flores, Bellamy Bros., Kelley Willis, Dessert Rose Band, Hellecasters, William Clarke, Candye Kane, Asylum Street Spankers, James Harman, Club Django, Billy Watson, Camp Lazlo (Nickelodeon), Gypsy Groove and more! Many more full on video lessons as well as a FREE 3-day all access site pass at the full on video instructional website at: www.nextlevelguitar.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. gunsnrosescovers says:


  2. gunsnrosescovers says:


  3. MrSap88 says:

    awesome! what the song is it?

  4. JakeDocherty says:

    Hey i was wondering could you do a video on acoustic rhythm which involves quick muting in linking strums if that makes sense :)

  5. ceddy1968 says:

    fantastic video, well done. Look forward to more.

  6. sa3dorfe3e says:

    u look like Clint Eastwood

  7. sa3dorfe3e says:

    excellent lesson :D

  8. hedgy77 says:

    Thanks for the lesson

  9. belleray2 says:

    Excellent lesson. Thank you. Sounds fantastic.

  10. woodedape says:


  11. loui0008 says:

    cool lesson, thanks!

  12. rockongoodpeople says:

    Awesome! Best of luck with the new band – delight in! The guitar used in this lesson is a Taylor GS5 – cedar top and tropical american mahogany back and sides – take care and keep on rocking!
    David T

  13. rockongoodpeople says:

    Awesome! Best of luck with the new band – delight in! The guitar used in this lesson is a Taylor GS5 – cedat top and tropical american mahogany back and sides – take care and keep on rocking!
    David T

  14. sharps00 says:

    @ENRRIO lots of fret buzz or something going on

  15. strabbs1 says:

    @rockongoodpeople like the new teacher, and like the sound of this acoustic, whst model is it exactly?? thanks for your all your lessons, i just joined my first band at 41 years ancient thanks to yoursite,living the marvel baby!!!!!!!!!! lol


    It isn’t. Asking for it is.

  17. BarcaBarca1992 says:

    Its really quite simple. Remember, he is just giving thoughts. So dont have to play it exactly he does. He also moves his hands around alot, which can throw alot of beginners off. And he uses spot on fingering, which technically makes it simpler. But for beginners it would doubtless be simpler to use “unconventional” fingerings. Excellent luck. Always be original. Theres no point in playing guitar if youre just gunna copy people.:)

  18. spareld says:

    this makes me want to buy me a acoustic guitar

  19. TjipzPK says:

    In spite of all the danger

  20. skaggsey says:

    brilliant…even as a beginner with my stout stubby fingers was able to get at smallest amount some of this down….and with more practice can hopefully master it . . .maybe I won’t have to go to bass guitar only because of my stout fingers…lol.

  21. HImynameis303 says:

    @DangerousMusicProd hell yeah bro same here one style of music gets dull its excellent to explore all over the map when it comes to music. :D

  22. elisprague says:

    i acualy feel retarded watching this lol this right here is why people is only excellent when your drunk ha

  23. C1o88er3d says:

    Another nine minutes well spent.

    Thanks for all you guys do.

  24. steamzk8ta says:

    fantastic video! I reckon that the only people who will “thumbs down” this video are people who simply don’t like people music. I personally don’t like it and I’m a metalhead but this video teaches a lot!

  25. coolasis says:


    You’re awesome and play guitar perfectly.
    Beginner, but you make it sound professional.
    Please keep servicing us and keep em’ comin’ Jeffery!

  26. huarmy7890 says:


  27. jpsszz says:

    exelent, what tone is harm please :)

  28. Serge392 says:

    Il touche à l’harmonica !!! Bravo !!!

  29. MrJenoptem says:

    Fantastic thanks.

  30. axelMendoza99 says:

    you guys rock!

  31. chatterbox2594 says:

    That was fantastic

  32. alpha2dog says:

    7 idiot better cut their ears..

  33. useranameu says:

    please add this song lessons…..

  34. Mr7group says:

    i got so much distress! fantastic jam

  35. GreedySapien says:

    I got so much distress too…but now….. I don’t seem to care anymore! ^^

  36. tigre6943 says:

    Très beau duo.
    Bravo à vous deux !

  37. HenriqueAlphaCh says:

    Ficou perfeito o vídeo muito bom mesmo =D

  38. 14141818 says:

    super j aime le vrai

  39. overgrownjackass says:

    raw talent

  40. Marco81blues says:

    ahahah the Blues lives on

  41. Retorix303 says:

    That was fuckin awesome.

  42. kmi4ma says:


  43. kmi4ma says:


  44. jnastyist says:

    awsome i wish i had someone to play harmonica

  45. jnastyist says:

    awsome i wish i had someone to play harmonica

  46. lkcappon says:

    the best blues ever!

  47. MRiandi99 says:

    the ancient man,wew dancing patah-patah

  48. skucno says:

    Che coppia!!!

  49. tripadegato says:

    Guys you bluueees!!

  50. AnnieCanada says:

    Soul-food, thats what you are! Loven it! Smiles, Annie

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